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Maintain balance, release and clear your space during intense emotional triggers

I have been asked more than once what I do to help balance myself and release during times of emotional triggers.

Some of these practices, I do daily or weekly and not just when I find myself needing release. I hope these rituals support you on your journey.


Take a few moments daily or at least weekly to energetically clear your space. Saging is an excellent way to move out energy that is no longer serving you.

  • Set your intention for the cleansing, what do you want to release or clear?

  • Clear your space from the ground up while making sure all four corners are cleansed of every room

  • Keep a window open for the smoke/energy to leave

  • Check out this link for a space clearing ritual.


Epsom salt baths help clear the energetic body and help a lot with grounding. This is an incredible and powerful practice for those of you who are empaths and highly sensitive. For those of you who love and work with crystals, you can even soak with your rose quartz or other crystals that are not affected by water if you like.


There is a real science to walking barefoot and connecting to the earth's energy. You are an energetic being, full of electricity, you need grounding. Connecting with nature helps calm you and allows a reset.


Meditation is an excellent way to tune in and get back in touch with your heart space, so you can find clarity and take action on what you need to take action on or release that which is coming to the surface for healing. For those of you who have a hard time meditating, there are a lot of guided meditations on my website. Also, try listening to meditation music or binaural beats as you sleep. The key to meditation is allowing, you do not have to clear your mind. Allow what comes up, to come up. If you want to attract more abundance into your life, use this time to visualise what you want to materialise, it's just like daydreaming. This is how manifesting new things in begin.


Receiving a reiki treatment can completely shift you. Some feel an immediate shift while others can feel the shift a few days to a few weeks after the session. Reiki changed my life and it inspired me to become a Reiki Master Teacher. Reiki can really help with emotional healing, balancing, releasing, grounding and more. I recommend receiving a reiki treatment at least every 4-6 weeks and if you are feeling quite triggered and have a hard time balancing your own energy, this is a great immediate option.


Take some time to journal or write out what you would like to release. Then in a safe place, burn it. Send that energy out into the universe for transmutation. You will also be creating a physical anchored memory of you consciously releasing what needs to be released, so if you later on find yourself falling back into that same cycle that does not serve you, you can quickly remind yourself that you already released that issue and you will remember that you have a choice to repeat the cycle or not.

These are just a few common rituals to help you maintain balance, release and clear your space during intense emotional triggers, and ones that I personally use. As always, take what resonates with you and leave what doesn't, do what feels right for you and allow yourself the time you need to clear and release, this is a crucial part of the healing self love process.

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