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Aries New Moon... rebirth the new you

Today we celebrate an astrological New Year with the Sun entering Aries and Autumn Equinox...a time of new beginnings to live in greater alignment with your true self, purpose and passions.

Can you feel an energetic spark and the bright, fiery vibration of Aries? The Aries New Moon awakens the air of rebirth, making this a powerful time to let go of the past and embrace a new path forward. New Moons represent a reset, a new beginning. This, coupled with Aries being the start of the astrological calendar, means this new chapter energy will be super potent.

What is Aries New Moon about?

New beginnings

This new moon, combined with a new astrological year, means the energy is ripe for new beginnings and fresh starts. A new cycle begins, and it’s time to make the most of it. If you didn’t have the best start to the new year, consider this your second chance to start again.

The courage to act

Aries gives us the willpower, motivation, and courage needed to start a new journey, overcome any obstacles we meet, and keep pushing forward no matter what. Now is the time to be brave, take a risk, and do something you’ve never done before. Most of us fear the unknown, but moving past what’s comfortable is where the magic happens.

Your inner fire lights

Aries is a fire sign and the ram is guaranteed to bring the fire during this new moon. Whatever you’re most passionate about will be magnified, but equally, whatever you’re most frustrated about right now will also feel much bigger and bubble over the surface. Think about how you can shift negative emotions by taking thoughtful action that is authentic to you and aligned with your soul.

Friction around your purpose

For anyone who doesn’t yet feel like they’ve found their purpose, the new moon in Aries can stir up irritation and impatience here. But remember that even when it feels like you’re lost or going in circles, everything is lining up in the way it’s meant to.

Give yourself permission to evolve

With the fresh, begin-again energy of the new moon in Aries comes an invitation to take small (or big) steps toward your highest self. Are you ready to meet the NEW you?

Setting Intentions

Setting intentions with a New Moon is powerful practice to plant seeds for new beginnings for manifestation. It is a time of rebirth, renewal, blooming, fertility, and new beginnings.

Today, take time to reflect on your goals and desires then, set intentions to create or manifest your desires. When we set intentions with the new moon, we tap into this energy and can use it to support our intentions and support them come to fruition.

Aries is not afraid to try new things, new adventures and new hobbies, new perspectives. What NEW would light you up? Harness the energy of this amazing Aries New Moon energy and start something new that you have never done before... the way you want to see change in the world, the way you live, the way you work, the way you create, the way you do self-love, the way you do love, the way you do wellness?

Rituals for this new moon

  • Ground and centre in meditation

  • Tune into your soul (sit in stillness, meditation, journaling, oracle cards, etc)

  • Set new intentions for the moon and astrological year

  • Move your body (to get your energy flowing)

Wishing you a beautiful start to this new, fresh astrological year. May all of your NEW come true.

Deanne x ✨

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