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1-on-1 Sound Healing
1.5 hour | $195

Akashic Soul Reading
1.5 hour | from $195

1-on-1 Kundalini Activation
2 hour | $222


Reiki Master | Ashati Master | Sound Therapist

Akashic Records Practitioner | Kundalini Activation Facilitator

I’m a Master Energy Practitioner and Sound Healer. I work with various energy healing modalities - Reiki, Ashati, Alsemia, Kundalini energy flow, heart radiance, sound and Akashic Records. I approach my work with a holistic perspective, focusing on the four aspects of health: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. My dedication lies in creating a safe and sacred space that encourages authentic expression and deep self-exploration. ​


My Offerings:
1-on-1 Sound Healing

As a certified sound healer, I provide personalised sound healing programs to suit your unique needs. Whether you are seeking stress relief, emotional healing, better sleep, improved digestion, or an overall sense of well-being, my private sound healing sessions can help wash away stress, promote emotional and physical well-being, and foster deep inner peace.

Akashic Soul Readings
I’m certified in Akashic Records readings and Soul Realignment. These readings offer a clear understanding of your energetic self. If you are curious about your soul's history, unique talents, and the life you are meant to create, an Akashic Soul Reading can offer insights to help you unlock your full potential. I also specialise in family readings, which provide clarity on patterns and behaviours within your family dynamics. It can help you better understand yourself and your loved ones, and ultimately restore harmony to your family relationships. For more information on Akashic Soul Readings, please visit my website.

KALI Kundalini Activation Light Integration
I facilitate KALI Kundalini activation group and private sessions. Kundalini Activation Light Integration is a one-of-a-kind healing modality that facilitates the movement of kundalini energy within the body in a gentle and natural way. Sessions combine the power of Kundalini energy, Heart Radiance energy, light code, sound, and vibrational resonance. Some of the benefits:

  • More physical and mental energy

  • Emotional liberation

  • Balance within and the external world

  • Trusting your intuition

  • Feeling unconditionally loved

KALI serves as a catalyst, fostering profound transformation. Regular practice expands awareness and boosts neuroplasticity, consequently reshaping core belief systems as more harmonious and healing energies take root. KALI is quite a unique energy healing modality and to truly grasp the effects, you need to experience it firsthand. No previous experience is required; all you need to do is come in with an open mind and heart, prepared to release and relax as you lie down on a mat, eyes
closed, and immerse yourself in music.​ 


You can find me at Beaches Healing on Friday afternoons. Booking a session is as easy as clicking the BOOK WITH KARINE button or at 0450 088 315. Feel free to ask any questions you might have. I'm excited to support you on your journey!

KALI Kundalini Activation Light Integration Group Sessions

Karine x


client love

I met Deanne for a session after TWO special soul sisters recommended her! I sat with her and we dived straight into my past life stuff and she supported and guided and cleared with me what was intense energy and purging. She held the space so beautifully and took me to the next level in my self confidence as a woman who can support others into their own healing. I love Deanne and will be back and have already given her name to two more people. 

- Melissa Turnock, Body Wisdom

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