Our bodies are energy centres, each with their own limitless flow of natural energy and communicate with us when something is out of balance. Sometimes the flow may be weakened or blocked due to stress, low energy levels, illnesses, aches, and pains or an emotional or subconscious reaction we have had to experience in our daily lives.

Reiki healing is a hands-on Japanese form of energy healing to promote balance. When channelled it enters your body from the crown and flows through your entire being. It is channelled with divine intelligence with the intention of providing healing energy where it is needed for your best and highest good, stimulating your body’s healing abilities. Sacred Reiki energy and reiki symbols combined with crystals, heals by flowing, balancing, and aligning your chakras and meridians. Experience deep relaxation and healing, a clear mind, increased energy, inner harmony, and wellbeing for your whole self.

heal. love. empower. you


60 min |  $125


why women love beaches healing

Deanne is a gifted holistic practitioner, I can’t recommend Her highly enough, she is a next level healer!! Our sessions are always very deep and layered which leave me feeling re - centered, peaceful and armed with practices to apply in my daily life.

- Melinda Marshman