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Holistic means whole, focused on you in your entirety, rather than just addressing the symptoms. We will work deeply with your mind (including emotions), body (nervous system), and spirit (soul) as fundamentally interconnected. Holistic counselling is based on the belief that human beings are able to heal themselves in mind and body. Holistic counselling empowers you to discover and access your own inner wisdom and healing capacity to embark on your enlightening journey of self-discovery, personal growth and self-healing.

My unique combination of Holistic Counselling, Reiki, ThetaHealing and Energetic Healing draws on years of study and practice in self-healing techniques, as well as my own profound self-healing journey.

You will be empowered to connect with your authentic self, awakening and empowering self-love and acceptance. In sessions, we will explore your relationship between mind, body, spirit - identifying any habitual thought patterns, past trauma, pain, fear, negative emotions, resistance or blockages that may be limiting you. Through this transformative process, you will recover and release what no longer serves you and be equipped with a wide range of effective self-healing tools for self-discovery and growth to support your complete health and well-being, embodying unconditional love and acceptance, purpose, direction and a sense of 'centredness' in your life.

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60 min |  $125


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Deanne is a gifted holistic practitioner, I can’t recommend Her highly enough, she is a next level healer!! Our sessions are always very deep and layered which leave me feeling re - centered, peaceful and armed with practices to apply in my daily life.

- Melinda Marshman