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Sara Dellanima

Holistic Remedial Therapist | Trauma sensitive practitioner

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Hi, I’m Sara, and it is my pleasure to introduce you to dell’ Anima, which is Italian for “Of the Spirit.” I chose this name because I believe healing is a journey of the spirit back home, to a soothing space. My cultural heritage is Italian and it is my privilege to be on Guringai land, where I acknowledge and have deep respect for the first people of this land who have cared for the land for millennia.


I have been supporting people professionally since 2015. Prior to retraining in manual therapies, I worked in the community as a qualified social worker and therapeutic counsellor. I now focus on offering manual therapies, including remedial massage, relaxation massage, yoga massage and lymphatic drainage. I also offer guided meditation and movement practices. I am passionate about offering a safe and soothing space for women to feel seen, heard and cared for. I live by principles of holism, which is the belief that mind, body and spirit are not separate entities, and that addressing them both simultaneously is natural and can support healing. This means I am able to hold space for your thoughtful reflections, if you choose to share them with me during a treatment.


I have a trauma sensitive approach, directly informed by my training in somatic therapies with teachers such as Manuela Mischke-Reeds, Peter Levine, Arielle Schwartz and Deb Dana. I understand that for many people touch has not been a safe or comfortable experience. I also know that research in neurobiology confirms that trauma can be felt and stored in the body and bodymind therapies such as massage with a professional and sensitive therapist can help people to build trust and connection with their body to support their healing.


I enjoy living a life in connection with nature. This is why I love offering services like mindful movement and meditation outdoors and I avoid the use of unnatural materials or chemicals in my practice. I use 100% natural essential oils and balms, organic almond oil and shea butter for massage treatments.

If you would like to collaborate on a project with me, such as a retreat, recorded meditation, audiobook, retreat or training, I invite you to call me. I can provide high quality audio recordings and facilitate groups.

You can find me at Beaches Healing on Wednesday evenings. If you would like to work with me, you can learn more more about me on Booking a session is as easy as clicking the BOOK WITH SARA button or feel free to call me on 0468 353 245 to ask any questions you might have. I'm excited to support you on your journey!

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client love

I met Deanne for a session after TWO special soul sisters recommended her! I sat with her and we dived straight into my past life stuff and she supported and guided and cleared with me what was intense energy and purging. She held the space so beautifully and took me to the next level in my self confidence as a woman who can support others into their own healing. I love Deanne and will be back and have already given her name to two more people. 

- Melissa Turnock, Body Wisdom

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