Awaken and Empower your Divine Feminine

through Self-Love and Acceptance


I am an intuitive and energetic therapist with a soul purpose to awaken and empower women. 

At challenging times throughout my soul journey, I was so busy doing, achieving, and striving that I lost my practice of self-love and purpose. I wasn’t caring for myself and gave my power away. Through these big lessons, I started evolving into my true self. I learned my soul journey was about loving and honouring me first, listening to my inner guidance, living authentically and having boundaries. These gifts revealed my purpose: to awaken and empower women, expanding their awareness to honour and unconditionally love and accept themselves.

I trust that you have been guided here because you are ready to create change. Everything you’ve been through has shaped you into the strong and deeply beautiful woman you are and now you are ready to live as your best authentic self - love, wisdom, power and purpose. With intuitive and energetic healing, I will guide and support you to uncover and release your underlying patterns and "old stories" to awaken and empower your goddess within. 


Energy Therapist, Empowering Women