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the power of journaling

Journaling is a nourishing and healing practice that will help you create greater self-awareness and build a strong relationship with yourself. I inspire my energy healing clients to use journaling as a tool for self-discovery. As each day is so busy, I make journaling part of my self-love evening ritual. This “me time” is the regular part of my day to self-reflect.

Journaling gives you time to self-regulate; i.e. look within and honour your inner most thoughts, feelings and desires plus explore parts of your shadow self. It also allows you to capture and hold good memories, set intentions and goals, boost your productivity, process issues or events, dig deeper, get honest, vent, brain dump, process your emotions, honour your pain or fear, document your journey and progress, acknowledge your success, practice gratitude, set new moon intentions and full moon releasing… you will become intimate with yourself in a whole new way. I personally find I want different things out of my journal each day, so I use my journal as a sacred space to reflect all the above.

In a world that encourages you to look externally for guidance, information and clarity, journaling is a practice that supports you to look within instead. Journaling is extremely easy; capture your thoughts and feelings in your own words. Every January, I receive a beautiful notebook given to me by my daughter for my birthday which I use as my journal. You can use an old notepad, a journal app, a new journal like mine or your laptop.

Set aside time to journal, if not daily, then maybe a couple of times a week. Reflect on your entries, listen to yourself, nurture your feelings and honour what arises. See your journal as a place to learn and grow and find clarity around who you truly are.

Before you start writing, release any rules and expectations, let it be messy and tune in. Take a few moments to close your eyes and tune into your inner self. Spend a few minutes breathing into your heart space, breathe slow and relax to see what is unfolding within you. Witness thoughts or stories in your mind and any emotion. When you feel the connection, open your eyes and begin to write.

Some journaling prompts below (if feeling blocked or stuck) before you tune in:

What are my intentions for today/this week/this month/this year?

What are three things I am grateful for today?

If I had no fear, I would….

How do I want to be of service in the world?

Where am I hiding my authentic self?

What inner niggle have I been ignoring?

Who or what do I need to forgive?

Who or what do I need to release and let go that no longer serves me?

What wounds am I still carrying from my childhood?

What parts of me do I need to forgive, release, heal, love?

What needs to change so I can fill my cup first?

I am proud of myself for…

This experience is teaching me…

The situation that is currently challenging me is…

What is my heart’s guidance?

What is my Higher Self telling me?

How do I want to practice regular self-care?

What inspires me?

List affirmations that inspire you

The above prompts list is endless…Journaling provides a simple, profound and inexpensive safe space to seek meaning in your life and increase your awareness on your journey of awakening self-love.

When I pour my life onto the pure white page, I find clarity, insight and assurance on my path. It feels powerful. Now, imagine what a regular journaling practice could do for you.

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