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Space Clear for the New Year

Rituals anchor us and give us a sense of belonging to something much more significant than ourselves. They carry meaning and substance into our lives. Maybe you have a morning ritual/routine or one you do at night-time or perhaps you have a weekly one. These enhance our daily, weekly and even yearly routines, enriching and guiding us through life.

They give us a sense of guidance and the feeling of being routed. By doing rituals, we increase our mind’s capacity to attract anything we want and speak to the universe. They also help to overcome obstacles, strengthen our relationships with ourselves and others, as well as giving us feelings of harmony, joy, and abundance. Rituals also let us “come back to the centre” and think about what we are thankful for in life. Rituals have great influence over our minds.

A Space Clearing Ritual is creating a space which is calm, harmonious and positive. This year has been a difficult year for most of us so it’s a good time now to use the holiday season to clear your home and start the New Year fresh. Your home is your safe place where you should feel happy, protected and nurtured. Taking good care of your home and the energy within it can be beneficial as it also clears your personal space, assists in your relationships and much more.

A Space Clearing Ritual is a great way to start the new year to “clear” out negative energy (thoughts, fears, memories of hard times from this year) and bring in positive energy for the new year. We are always surrounded by energy that we and others create. The difference in the way your space feels can make a profound difference on your physical body, your mental health, and well-being.

Space Clearing also gives you the opportunity to reflect on what has happened to you this year and make space for healthy, harmonious and prosperous 2021.

Start your year off right with a little clearing and protection. It’s important to freshen up your atmosphere as you begin the New Year. There’s nothing more refreshing than cleansing your spirit and space. Releasing old, stagnant or negative energy leaves you feeling emotionally lighter. Cleanse your space so you carry only the highest vibes into 2021! Not sure how to cleanse? Here is how you can purify the energy your home and spirit:


- First step is to thoroughly clean your space. This means removing clutter, unnecessary items, and ridding the home of all dust and dirt. This physical aspect is important as it sets the tone for further cleansing and ensuring all negativity is removed from the home or office. Removing the dust and dirt cleans the air you breathe, creating an initial space for positive energy to arise. Donate items in good condition to your local charity. This will help you release the past while helping others in need for the future.


· Secondly, clear any negative energy out of your physical space by using sage. Sage is a natural tool that have been used for centuries. Saging, also known as smudging, helps you to remove negative energies that have accumulated over time in your space.

· I start by taking a few minutes centring myself. I then light the smudge stick holding it over an abalone shell.

· Once smoking, I use my hand or a feather to direct the smoke over my body from my feet up to my head, then back down again.

· I then clear my home, walking slowly around each room, I hold the smudge smoke near the walls, allowing the smoke to trickle up towards the ceilings – focusing on gateway areas like corners, doors, and windows where energy can linger.

· As I walk through each room, I visualise the smoke releasing any negative energy from my home and repeat the following affirmation: "I cleanse this space. My space is 100% clear and filled with unconditional love and light”. As you say your affirmation, you are shifting energy at will.

· Once I’m finished, I leave the smudge stick an abalone shell until it burns out on its own. To complete the ritual, I take the ashes in the shell and dump them outside in my garden so that any energy burned can find its way back to the Earth.

· Candles and oils can also be used during the cleaning/clearing process to add more intention to the purpose of the clearing process.


· Sage yourself. Smudging your body is like taking an energetic shower or doing a deep metaphysical cleansing. The smoke from dried sage changes the ionic composition of the air and can have a direct effect on reducing our stress response.

· Take a nice sea salt bath with crystals to cleanse your own energy.

· Selenite crystals are the ideal energy tool for cleansing the energy of your body and cleansing the energy of crystals. Simply hold your selenite in one hand, at the top of your head, and “comb” your crystal all the way down your entire body until you feel the energy clear. This is a wonderful way to cleanse your chakras and remove any energy blockages.

In addition to starting your New Year positively, this is always something you can do all year round. Getting into the habit of clearing your space will help to create a more peaceful and relaxing place to return to. Your energetic space deserves as much TLC as your physical one, so enjoy your space clear for the new year.

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