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spring into self-love

Spring is when the sun starts to warm the air and life begins to flourish and blossom. As we follow the seasonal cycle of life, Spring is the perfect time to make a resolution when it comes to your self-love practice. Live a little and get ready for the full bloom of the summer months ahead. It’s all about taking time out of your day to find a little joy, a little ease and a little relaxation. Spring into self-love with these practices.

1. Clear your space – spring clean and sage your living space and let the sun in. Wash sheets and blankets and dry in the sunshine. Change the vibe in your home. Decorate in brighter colours and infuse your space with citrus scents.

2. Make just one goal that you want to accomplish by Summer. Bonus point if it helps you reach one of those huge, life-changing, big dream goals. If you can just take one step, you’re that much closer. Every action matters.

3. Connect with Spring Goddess energy. Go on a nature walk and when you see butterflies it’s a reminder to stop, be still, be quiet and enjoy the moment.

4. Buy (or pick) flowers for yourself.

5. Do something physical outside in the spring sunshine with a new Spring playlist.

6. Take a nap in the sunshine. Get in touch with your inner cat. Open the window, lay in a place where the sun is gently landing on you and close your eyes and doze.

7. Visit a Farmer’s Market. Treat yourself to delicious fruits and veggies straight from the farm to your table.

8. Create an outdoor space for yourself.

9. Honour your body and treat yourself to a body scrub. Being cooped up inside next to the heater doesn’t really work wonders on your skin. Prepare your limbs for a bit of sunshine by giving them a vigorous scrub. Doing this will increase the blood flow and remove dead skin cells.

10. Find a spring-themed meditation and sit in the sun. If you have Insight Timer, do a search for ‘Spring’ Meditations.

11. Clean up your digital devices. Delete apps or photos that you no longer need. Delete the numbers of the people that are no longer for your best and highest good. Change your wallpaper to something inspiring and let go of the things you no longer need.

12. Try something new. Go to a new restaurant. Try a new way to deal with a problem you’re having. Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings.

13. Simplify your schedule - If you’re very busy, see if you can shift your responsibilities so that they’re more evenly spread through your day and you have a bit of time for yourself. If you’re becoming overwhelmed by your schedule, see if there are things you can cut out of your day or delegate to other people.

14. Make a new Spring Superfood dish.

15. Find a new outside hobby.

16. Switch over your wardrobe - I’m a huge fan of the capsule wardrobe and spring is the time of year when I enjoy putting away the jumpers, jackets and boots and bring out the lighter clothing. I usually think about what key pieces I need for the months ahead and have a little retail therapy, self-care in itself!

17. Make plans with the people you love - Something I love to think about in the spring and going into the summer is planning to see the people I love. Bonus points if it’s an outdoor activity! Go to a Spring event/concert. Soul Sister time is most definitely self-love for me, but it can drop over the winter months when all I want to do is hibernate. Getting this back on the agenda in spring is such a great form of self-love.

18. Create a ritual of rebirth. Reaffirm yourself to your path or to your true self. Light a few candles, sit in a quiet space, think about the person you want to be and the person you are at your core, are they aligned with each other? Sometimes we stray from our path and we need to redirect ourselves back. Right now, are you being the person you want to be?

Go easier on yourself. Make this your new beginning for loving yourself in a more gentle and compassionate way. I’m an advocate for self-love and acceptance and love nothing more than seeing women live a life they love. Here’s to a Spring full of blissful femininity & radiant love. x

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