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signs from the Universe… how to recognise and manifest more often

As an intuitive and energetic therapist, I support my clients to recognise signs from the Universe to guide them on their healing journey. We receive far more signs from the Universe than we realise. As many of my clients ask how to recognise divine guidance as well as manifest more signs, I thought I would share my insights.

1. Ask for more signs

Humans are gifted free will to help co-create their journey here on earth. I encourage my clients to think of themselves as divine spiritual beings. Asking for signs is a guaranteed way to receive more guidance, as the universe, in most cases, will respect many of your free will choices. Asking for signs is as easy as Asking the Universe aloud or in your thoughts, prayers or meditations. You can also ask for signs and guidance in your journal. The Universe (or your Spiritual Counsel) is always listening.

2. Learn about signs

Familiarise yourself with common signs (or the ways the Universe communicates with you). My personal signs are butterflies, songs on the radio, meaning coincidences, three of the four psychic abilities and numbers like 11:11 (“master number” which signifies intuition, insight, enlightenment, clear message from the universe to become conscious and aware). Other common ways the Universe sends you guidance are spirit animals, numbers, synchronicities, messages from loved ones, music, dreams plus the four psychic abilities - clair cognisance (clear knowing), clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling).

3. Acknowledge the signs

Write about the signs you receive in your journal or discuss them with a soul sister, partner or your energy therapist. When the universe sees a sign registered with you, it will know that you are becoming more open to guidance and send more guidance. Remember that you receive more signs than you think, so if something feels like a sign to you, it probably is. No

tice how the sign registers with you—does time seem to slow down, does the moment feel heavy with meaning, or do you get a physical reaction when the sign comes (like chills on your body)? If the sign keeps popping up in your thoughts hours or even days afterward, it’s something to pay attention to.

4. Interpret the signs

Find the initial meaning and let the sign sit on you for a few days to discern even more or deeper meanings. This is something I recommend people do with oracle cards. I sometimes use oracle cards for a small portion of my sessions with clients. When I turn a card over, I will receive a strong initial message about what this card means for my client, and then a few more messages will come to light. Seeing a message on signage, a book cover, or TV that speaks to you might trigger a few epiphanies. Signs can be full of layered meaning.

5. Act on the signs

Guidance from the universe always increases when we take appropriate action steps after experiencing a sign. The universe loves it when we act steps to co-create our reality. If we take one step toward our dreams, our dreams seem to take ten steps toward us. Signs are meant to make us change our attitude, perspective, or decisions, so when you receive a sign, notice how it is asking you to change.

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