ThetaHealing® is a world renown healing technique that allows you to identify limiting beliefs and directly reprogramme the subconscious with new beliefs to every cell of the body. In "theta state" we are connected to your highest truth and the abundance of the Universe. Using “digging work” and connection through the “theta state”, we get to the root and extract your old story to uncover any associated health conditions, limiting beliefs or unconscious habits which may be holding you back from optimum wellness. When the bottom program that is holding the belief in place is identified, with your permission, we release and create new positive belief patterns and behaviours awakening and empowering your true self. ThetaHealing can assist with healing past trauma, family and relationship issues, anger and forgiveness, creating healthy boundaries, depression and sadness, life transitions, self-love, self-worth and confidence, abundance and success, releasing anxiety and depression, fears and worry...transform these old wounds into gifts! ThetaHealing reawakens your heart and inner wisdom, clearing out fear, creating a mindset that empowers you to fully love and value yourself, reclaiming your true self and purpose.   

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60 min  |  $120

90 min  |  $160

120 min |  $200 

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