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What is an Honouring Circle?

Every woman experiences significant life transitions. Honouring Circles return the ceremony into your special occasion making the ‘woman of the moment’ feel cherished, nurtured and adored; reminding her that as she enters the next phase of her life, she is surrounded by a community of women who support her. Circles are heart-centred gatherings infused with positive storytelling, beautiful rituals and nourishing connection for all who attend.

When a woman is witnessed and honoured by her close friends in a sacred space, she is spiritually supported and empowered for her next chapter. Sharing a safe and blessed space with one’s sisters creates meaningful and memorable experiences.

Beaches Healing creates two-hour Honouring Circles to celebrate women’s milestones. These Circles are a meaningful alternative to Baby Showers, Hen's Day’s, Birthdays, Engagements, Illness, Loss and Grief, Housewarmings, or for any occasion that is important or significant to a woman. Healing with soul sisters? Organise your personalised Reiki Healing Honouring Circle.

So how does it work?

Each Circle is unique and personalised for the Woman of Honour, which can include but not limited to:

· Centre mandala of flowers, candles, crystals, oracle cards, etc.

· Each guest to bring a flower to contribute to the centre mandala (could be Woman of Honour favourite flower or colour)

· Each guest to bring a flower to create a crown for the Woman of Honour, which is then placed on her head at the beginning of the circle. As guests weave flowers together for the Woman of Honour, they talk about their connection, how long they been friends, why they chose that flower) reinforcing sisterhood, togetherness and feminine strength

· Guided journey meditation - Beginning with everyone sitting still in guided meditation is a way for your circle to relax, be present, to set intentions and to manifest joy and positivity for themselves and for the Woman of Honour

· A short sharing of the history of women's circles, their purpose and importance

· Selecting oracle cards

· Journal Ritual invoking your divine feminine to release and/or manifest to align with your soul

· Guided Reiki Ceremony with each guest receiving Reiki healing

· Facilitated Wishing Ceremony (each woman shares from her heart, what the woman of the day means to her and their purest intentions and wishes for her future as a bride, mother or for her next cycle around the sun, whatever the occasion)

· Facilitated Gifting Ceremony (all guests bring a token of their love for the Woman being celebrated, something small that represents their history together, shares the relevance of their token)

· Woman of Honour shares her feelings, fears, excitement, gratitude with the support of her beloved Sisters

· String Ritual - a beautiful way to close the ceremony, linking everyone together to maintain the connection and a reminder of the support, love and encouragement within the circle of women

· Close meditation - close with a short gratitude meditation, honouring the divine Earth Mother

· Feasting – Following circle, eating together is a big part of an Honouring Circle, (whether it be catered, 'bring a dish' or prepared by the host), to ground guests energy, help guests shift from sacred space back to social space, and bring the work of the ritual into guests everyday lives


· $350 for circles of up to 8 women, or $400 for circles of 9-12 women

· An Honouring Circle is organised by a friend or sister of the Woman of Honour, and most groups will split the investment as a gift. The Woman of Honour’s only task is to receive!

· A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to confirm your booking

Investment Includes:

· Unlimited phone/email communication between the organiser and Deanne to discuss the intention, format and items for the Honouring Circle

· Up to two hours of divine celebration

· All materials for the centre mandala, including flowers, crystals, oracle cards, string ritual, etc.

· Love notes/affirmations for all guests

· Gift for the Woman of Honour

· Ambient playlist

· Travel within Sydney’s Northern Beaches

· Women attending the ceremony will receive an email the week before with all details for the Honouring Circle

Why not organise a Beaches Healing Honouring Circle for yourself or gift one to a treasured woman in your life? …a beautiful sacred space to receive support and blessings from your sisters.

Circles are magic. When women come together in a circle a sacred space is naturally created. You’ll be adorned, pampered, honoured and lavished with love, celebrating your significant life moment.

Gather your sacred sisterhood circle to celebrate Your Sister of Honour in an ancient and honourable way.

For your own individualised Honouring Circle, please call 0447 474 979 or email to discuss.

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