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Trust your Intuition on this Pisces Full Moon

The Full Moon on 20 September, falls in the highly intuitive, emotional and very much dreamy sign of Pisces. Pisces brings about endings in our world that signify a new cycle is about to begin. The time has come to create a new vision for our path forward. Pisces is ruled by the element of water, and the Moon loves to be in water signs, expressing its energetic potential.

The Moon is also linked to feminine energy. This energy is present in all living things, and on a potent Full Moon, we may find issues arising when it comes to our relationship with the feminine. Expect heightened intuition and the heart to be speaking loudly over the next few weeks. Pisces energy flows and allows the heart to guide them forward, not the head. However, if the emotions get a bit high or things get a bit intense Pisces is known to detach as a way to balance and protect. Anytime we have a full moon in Pisces, deep healing and consciousness shifts occur. Just know that the opportunity to be in your feels one minute and then wanting to detach the next is here. This happens sometimes when we are being asked to grow and surrender to our soul's path and trust.

As the final sign of the zodiac, and an emotional water sign at that, Pisces energy invites us to dive deep to uncover how we're really feeling deep down about the state of our lives and work and why.

Have you been ignoring your true feelings? Settling for superficial arrangements that don't really fill you up on a soul level? This is the time to go within and recognise where you are out of sync with your deeper soul-level yearnings.

That's why it's important not only to reflect and release what is not feeling aligned for you emotionally and spiritually on this Full Moon. Full Moons are also a time of energetic release, so if there is something you wish to release from your life, this is the perfect point in the month to set some Full Moon Intentions. Think about what you no longer wish to hold onto.

  • “Where in your life or work is your soul feeling unfulfilled? How can you release what isn't taking you toward your greater soul mission in order to make room for more meaningful pursuits?”

  • “In what ways have you taken steps over the past 6 months to live in greater alignment with your soul's desires? Take a moment to celebrate and appreciate that!”

Send it love and gratitude, and then under the bright light of the Full Moon, surrender. Pisces are incredibly creative and are known for being the best dreamers in the zodiac, so do not be surprised if deeper clarity comes through around what you wish to create and align with. Trust in what you feel.

Full moon energy can be felt for up to two weeks and is a time for RELEASE, so as with all full moons, self care should be a theme as we let go of what no longer serves up to level up again. You may not be able to feel the effects of these energies on the day they are taking place. Changes and shifts can occur over a few weeks or months. Trust that the universe has your back and any changes that occur are in alignment with what you are here to experience. Trust your journey and keep following your heart.

Full Moon intuitive blessings,



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