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Pisces Season makes my dreams a reality

The Pisces season is a time for self-nurturing. Take long soaking baths, enjoy aromatherapy, read a book, spend quiet reflective time near water so you can absorb all that Pisces energy.

Pisces is the master of daydreaming and dreams. If you can dream it, you can create it. Visualise big dreams and believing in yourself. Pisces season can enrich our sleep and deliver divinely inspired messages through our dreams.

Tap into the Piscean energy of visions for big dreams and believing in yourself. Set powerful intentions to allow yourself to manifest your dream life and career. I've put my faith in the power of manifesting my dreams and it's come to fruition in all areas of my life. Manifesting techniques are a powerful kind of active luck that help you to focus on bringing your dreams to life.

Make time to journal. Close your eyes, breathe and visualise yourself surrounded by a healing white light. Connect to the Divine and ask your Higher Self and Heart what new creative ideas or entrepreneurial initiatives bring your passion and purpose into alignment? Write down your feelings, thoughts and guidance. How does this guidance make you feel? Does it make you feel you are on course or do you need a course correction?

Journaling has been such an amazing self development and discovery tool which has helped me tap into my inner self to know me in a deeper way. Its has become a huge part of my self love routine.

Some journal prompts below to explore how you can step up and dream big to achieve your dreams in Pisces Season:

What next level of my life am I ready to step into?

What desire has my heart been tugging me to act on?

What one step would make a big impact?

How do I want to be of service to the world?

What inner whisper have I been ignoring?

What unique gifts do I have to share?

What new actions or habits do I need to commit to in order to achieve my dreams?

"The Universe makes my dreams a reality"

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