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New Moon in Virgo inspires practical change

New Moons represent the start of a new lunar cycle. Very often in the lead up to a new moon, we will feel the darkness within our own energy too. We may feel lethargic, have a desire to go internal and we may be needing a little extra time by ourselves to centre and nourish. When the new moon arrives, it is a perfect time to acknowledge goals. A new moon is a perfect time to write a to-do list and brainstorm some of your wildest visions.

It’s a time to consider new projects, to bring clarity to your heart’s intentions and to bring ideas into your consciousness. Today's Virgo New Moon is a time to slow down, focus your energy inward, tune in, to start afresh and to plant the seeds of your future. Use this energy to dive deep and journal.

Virgo is a resourceful sign, its gifts lie in making the best out of everything. Its independence and inner strength can teach us that not only can we fill our own cup, but we can also find practical ways to do so. This new moon, explore your daily habits, routines, beliefs and attitudes. What do you need to release that is no longer serving you? Harness the power of the new moon in Virgo to set your intentions for your to-do lists and work on the details of what needs to be done (mini steps to your goals), not perfection. Its the perfect time to rewrite your story by focusing your energy on your foundation and future... how can you release or make new daily habits and routines to make progress to achieve your future goals?

This new moon is being called a lucky new moon, pushing us to co-create and align with the things we are saying we desire for ourselves. In order for us to do this, we have to have a REAL CHECK IN with our thoughts and actions. Are they in balance? Virgo energy is here to help us stabilise and get practical. This new moon energy will help us get real about taking the steps we need to take in order to align with where our hearts have been guiding us to go all year. Virgo energy is sensitive, highly curious, very much organised and one of the most analytical of signs. So do not be surprised if you are being pushed to get more grounded with any goals or projects that needs to be completed. Virgo energy is disciplined and will almost force organisation, goals and processes to be put into place. We can all benefit from this energy! Virgo is known for being associated with self worth, so there may be some epiphanies and some deeper heart awakenings happening for us around this time. Am I being true to myself? Am I living up to my true potential? What is my purpose and the life I desire? Are all themed thoughts around this new moon as we are being encouraged to expand our thinking. You attract your own abundance. Pay attention to those divinely inspired ideas and synchronicities! This is a time for honouring our intuition. Virgo is practical, combined with intuition, the possibilities are infinite! Keep listening to your soul.

Close your eyes and visualise shimmering Mother Moonlight showering over you, flowing through your crown into your heart chakra. Feel grateful for all the blessings in your life. Ask your divine heart chakra, what daily habits, routines and beliefs no longer serve you so you can align with your goals. Listen to your soul's empowering guidance and journal your seeds of intention. New Moon Intentions Journal Prompts: How do I want to feel? What brings me joy? What is my purpose, the life I desire? What are my next steps to get there? What habits, routines, patterns or beliefs do I need to release?

What situation needs to change? What new habits, routines, patterns or beliefs would I like to create? 1,3, 6 and 12 month goal?

Affirmation: I am worthy of the abundance of the Universe and all that I desire. Changes and shifts can occur over a few weeks or months. Keep focused, put your intentions into action. Trust that the universe has your back and any changes that occur are in alignment with what you are here to experience. Trust your journey and keep following your heart.

Abundance of New Moon Blessings,

Deanne x

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