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My Sunday Ritual to align your goals

Sunday is my "Weekly Alignment" Ritual day. I claim time to relax, self-care, and sage/clear my home and workspace. Then I sit in the sun on my back deck and do the following:

1. Create my ALIGNING space – sun, cosy, candle, wine, tea, whatever I need at the time to honour my space.

2. Brain dump all the things in my head from the week and for the week ahead (wins, celebrations, goals, projects, actions, opportunities, intentions, ideas, tasks)

3. From the list above, I sort into categories:

  • Family and Friends

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Self-Care and Play

  • Wealth

  • Business (Admin, Projects, Actions, etc)

4. I prioritise for the coming week only but look ahead when I have already scheduled tasks for projects. Task vs Project - a task can get done in one step - a project has multiple steps (and I will note this in my weeks ahead).

5. I go through the list again to FEEL into each one and how that item would feel on every level of my being having been fulfilled which sets my positive mindset for the week. This also gives each item intention out to the Universe AS IF already completed.

This weekly ritual will assist you to align with your intentions. Do you commit to making time for self-care and growth in all areas of your life?

If you already have a ritual, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

An abundance of success and prosperity in every area of your life. x

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