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I release the past and welcome the new

Today's Full Moon in Aries is super intense, which can feel like stretching our boundaries and creating feelings of overwhelm, so harness this energy to assert your boundaries, speak your truth and empower you! This full moon is calling for us to take affirmative action to change a situation that causes us to act from a place of ego or in an effort to gain control. I know already this week this energy has certainly triggered many clients and my emotions.

I am harnessing today's full moon to take action, as I have acknowledged this 3D fear that it is guiding my reactions and decisions linked to insecurities from my past. See if you can acknowledge any fear presenting this week, for on the other side of it, you may just find the next step to take. Today's full moon is an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to shift our life in a new direction, shifting out of old triggers and habits of the past to embrace the new.

The Full Moon represents the powerful energy in our cycle and amplifies our sacred feminine intuition, calling us to open wide and do our inner work and heal through what is arising by releasing, forgiving, and surrendering in order to create space.

With the intense full moon energy this week, I feel like I have been living two lives; my human 3D self navigating all the ups and down of life and emotions and my 5D soul self that trusts in my divine path, that I am in the right place at the right time experiencing all that is for my soul growth.

So today, take time to tune in and connect with your feminine energy to create stillness, connect and listen, to receive divine guidance what you need to release and forgive to honour your soul journey. Which parts of self are you ready to recognise 3D triggers to release, no matter how difficult it may seem? By letting go of what is no longer working, you open the pathway for soul alignment.

Added to this energy, Mercury Retrograde has moved through, (YAY! huge one!) so things will begin to move forward in areas that may have seemed stagnant.

If you feel called to go deeper into the energy, join me in my Full Moon Meditation, as a practice to support you work with this incredible energy.

Full Moon Love and Blessings,

D x

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