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Heal Your Knee Chakras

In addition to the seven main chakras, we have hundreds of "minor chakras" located throughout our bodies. When these energy centres are blocked, our minds and bodies feel uncomfortable and out of balance. One part of the body that is especially prone to discomfort and pain is the knees. So many clients of late, present with painful and aching knees.

Energy healing work in the knee chakra is very beneficial for achy joints, but of course you should visit your doctor if you're experiencing any chronic knee pain. Here are five ways to unblock and heal your knee chakras:

Be flexible

With regards to chakras and energy, the first and most important thing to do for your knees is to be flexible, mentally and emotionally. When life becomes challenging, one of our first reactions or lines of defence can be closing down and becoming rigid. This internal rigidity affects energy flow in the body, which has physical impacts on inflammation, hormones, and toxicity. The knee chakra is a minor chakra that corresponds to the root chakra, one of the body's seven main chakras that's responsible for helping us feel grounded and secure. If you find yourself frequently feeling "uprooted" and like you need to take charge of everything, then ask yourself why by stepping back, surrendering, and noticing/feeling into what caused this reaction. You can also try root chakra healing exercises, such as earthing or grounding, eating red foods, root chakra meditations or journaling on your fears.

Go with the flow

There's being flexible in the sense of allowing yourself to be out of control in situations that you cannot possibly be in charge of (which requires trust and a sense of grounded safety), and then there's the flexibility of not always having a plan or an agenda. To be in balance, we should make plans and have goals, then trust and surrender to let life take its course, without letting go of our overall intention. Practice daily, flowing with ease and grace to allow your day to unfold organically building a sense of overall trust in yourself, others and the universe.


Over the years I've found that meditation with visualisation is one practice that leads to a sense of calm that I can carry into the three-dimensional world in which we live. Visualise and then allow yourself to feel water washing over you, cleansing you of all your fears and internal struggles. Then picture this soothing stream of water flowing through your knees, washing away your need to control every minor detail of your life. Feel the suppleness and release that radiates from this inner softening down into your feet to help support your sense of safety in the physical world. The colour of the knee chakra is a deep red, brown. Imagine that colour radiating from your body as you close this practice.

Energy healing for knee chakras

Knee chakra energy guides us on our path with confidence and grace. When the energy in the knees is moving freely, then we will feel like we can approach changes easily. Often, when there is a blockage in the knees, the resulting symptoms are a fear of moving forward with new things in life. Energy healing for knee chakras can help to bring about more flexibility and willingness to allow change. Your knee chakra works in tandem with your base or root chakra and serves to stabilise your presence in the physical world. Whenever, I begin a healing session, I’m intuitively drawn first to the knees. I place my hands upon them or in the energy field just out from the knee caps. This serves to balance, stabilise and ground the energy flow of my client. I always receive the feedback of how comforting and supportive it feels to hold and embrace the knees. To try this self love practice, place your hands over your knee caps. Hold your hands there for a minute or so and feel the deep sense of balance and protection that is generated by your focused awareness. Tune into your knees, what do they say? Say, ‘Thank You’ and then honour the messages of your knees.

Practice genuflection

Genuflection is the act of bending one's right and left knee to the ground in reverence or worship. The movement reminds us that the energy flow surrounding the knees is healthiest when we are feeling relaxed. How can you be of greater service and humility to those around you? Reflecting on this dynamic will help you connect to this minor chakra and your body as a whole.


According to our divine Louise Hay, the spiritual meaning of knee problems and pain represent pride and subborn ego, an inability to bend, inflexibility and not giving in. Practice these self love affirmations to change the energy of these negative patterns: I am flexible and flowing with ease and grace. I practice forgiveness, understanding and compassion. All is well in my world.

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