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Dive deep with the Full Moon in Scorpio

What a powerful month April has been! We have a super full moon in Scorpio 27 April and Pluto stationing retrograde this week! This energy is huge and the opportunity for a level up is here. The super full moon in Scorpio guides us to leave behind anything that is no longer in service to our hearts so we can evolve to be the best version of ourselves. Scorpio energy is intense and the opportunity for our egos to be triggered is here as we dive deep into this energy. Scorpio is known for being able to cleanse and heal itself. Scorpio is all about death, rebirth and transformation.

What are you being guided to leave behind for your ultimate transformation? Honour whatever comes up to be reviewed, healed or let go of. Our intuition is our super power and during full moons, is usually a lot easier to access. Many of us are affected physically by the moon energy, so if you are finding yourself experiencing this, take some time out for a full moon releasing ritual or a little extra self care. Ground yourself through practices like meditation, exercise, going outside, baths or by just simply resting. Take a break or nap if you are feeling it. Our bodies are wise and always know what we need. Full Moons are always powerful points of release and for coming into a deeper sense of awareness. We are guided at this time to take a long hard look at everything. Tune into your inner voice. It is a time to revisit some old wounds, self imposed limiting beliefs and purge them out for good so we can become a stronger, more capable version of ourselves. Its all about soul transformation. Encourage yourself to dig deep. If you have identified things you wish to release, perhaps think about ways to support yourself in doing so, or alternative actions you can take instead. In harnessing the full moon power, you are highly intuitive and magical allowing this release and celebration of change.

Remember... You may not be able to feel the effects of these energies on the day they are taking place. Changes and shifts can occur over a few weeks or months. Trust that the universe has your back and any changes that occur are in alignment with what you are here to experience. Trust your journey and keep following your heart.

Super Full Moon Blessings to you! Sending you so much love.

Deanne xxx

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