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Benefits of Pre-Natal Reiki

Pregnancy is a unique experience - with it comes transitions, changes, and challenges to the physical body. In my years as a Reiki Master Teacher, I have talked to women about the benefits of prenatal Reiki and how this ancient art of healing heals, strengthens, and makes the pregnancy journey a more meaningful experience.

Reiki is a gentle way to bring back the positive energy, balance, and deep relaxation to the body - benefits pregnant women need. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Reiki, view “ Reiki Healing”. It is 100% natural, safe and aims to improve the holistic well-being of anyone receiving Reiki treatments, regardless of their condition.

All Reiki treatments can be done in-person or remotely via Distant Reiki Healing. Prenatal Reiki helps pregnant women manage the changes in their bodies, all while keeping them connected to their babies.

What is Prenatal Reiki?

Reiki is a wonderful way to help pregnant women release pent-up stress from pregnancy and can assist them in becoming at peace with the physical, emotional, and mental changes that come with pregnancy. Prenatal Reiki focuses on helping expectant mothers connect with their bodies and their unborn children. The feeling of connection toward a baby may sometimes not come naturally. Connecting with your baby is an amazing experience! With the help of energy healing during the pregnancy Reiki process, your mind can feel relaxed and calm, allowing you to savour your pregnancy without fear and worry.

The Benefits of Prenatal Reiki

Pregnancy is unique and diverse. One mother’s experience may be different from another's. If you are an expectant mum, or if someone you love is carrying a baby, here are some pregnancy Reiki benefits you should know.

Reiki Eases Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy is a life-changing, life-altering experience dealing with morning sickness, food aversions, exhaustion, and mood swings which can take your focus off your pregnancy and the difficulties that come with it. Just when you think you are getting the hang of it, your body changes again the next week, and that can be stressful. The art of Reiki allows you to gain back peace and calm. A Reiki session makes it possible for you to contact your body and cope with the ever-changing symptoms better. It helps with taking the lens out of the stress so you can further appreciate this beautiful, magical experience that is happening inside you, allowing you to be more present, positive, and connected with your pregnancy.

Reiki Eases Stress and Worries

Dealing with the unknown can be scary, especially for pregnant women who are carrying the most precious beings. There are a lot of worries in the minds of mothers; worrying about the baby’s growth, the baby’s development, and their own health can make expectant moms feel like they are always on the edge. With the help of Reiki during pregnancy, moms can release their pent-up stress and worries. As they take the time to be mindful, they can find that assurance that everything will be okay.

Reiki Strengthens the mother-child bond

The healing that comes with Reiki is holistic, enveloping an entire person, including the baby. Whenever I have a healing session with pregnant women, they always express that they feel like their babies are responding to the treatment through their movements. Reiki gives way to moments where a mother can enjoy communicating with her baby without stress, worries, and physical pain.

Reiki Provides Emotional Release

It is normal to feel numerous emotions throughout a pregnancy journey. However, you know when some emotions are temporary and unexplainable, while some are much deeper and real. You have probably heard that your baby feels what you feel, so it is extra important to take care of your emotional health. So, if you have been feeling various negative emotions, such as feeling overwhelmingly unready, not good enough, resistant to change, extremely anxious, or insecure.

Maybe you are feeling disconnected from yourself. Maybe unresolved issues with your inner child are coming up even now. In some cases, where there are deeper levels of emotions that could make you feel constantly angry, resentful, or other emotions of the like Intuitive Healing, which has a special focus on emotional healing in a more advanced way. It is helpful to clear them from your emotional field and release these emotions gently so you can feel better and so can your little baby while maintaining a nurturing environment for your baby to grow in.

And for some expectant mothers who are naturally overly sensitive energetically or are more empathic, keep in mind that some of these negative emotions might not be yours, but rather the emotions you may be absorbing from others around you. So, if you have noticed that you have a natural tendency to absorb other people’s emotions or their energy, you may want to take even further steps toward caring for your own energy levels and emotional health.

In such cases, I am certain an emotional energy cleansing session via Intuitive Healing would be one of the most supportive tools for you, which is available in-person or as an online appointment (distant healing), and both are equally as effective.

Reiki Heals Physical Pains and Changes the Way Mothers Look at Pregnancy

Reiki is an effective, non-invasive treatment that can help with physical pains associated with pregnancy, such as:

  • Lower back pain

  • Exhaustion

  • Joint pain

  • Cramps

  • Stress

  • Mood changes

  • High blood pressure

  • Hormonal Imbalance

  • Sciatica

This allows mothers to have a different perspective on pregnancy - one that is full of meaningful memories and not full of physical challenges.

Reiki Prepares Mothers for Childbirth

Reiki strengthens mums-to-be. One of the biggest benefits of prenatal Reiki is that it gives the mother additional physical and emotional strength. With Reiki, mums get a renewed understanding of their physical, and emotional challenges. Through Reiki, mums get more in tune with their bodies, making them feel in control. Reiki supports mothers-to-be so that they are empowered to face childbirth with more love, presence, and confidence.

What happens in a pre-natal Reiki session?

The session begins with the mum-to-be in her most comfortable position. Some, in their early trimester, prefer to lie on their back for the Reiki treatment. Pregnant clients have the option to follow the position they are most comfortable with, which is usually on their sides.

Unlike massages, Reiki does not focus on muscles, so you will not have to worry about physical complications after the treatment. Reiki uses a gentle, hands-on technique, laying hands softly on specific areas of your body to invite natural healing. Pregnant women interested in Reiki do not have to worry about safety as Reiki is one of the rare forms of therapy that is 100% safe to receive and the treatment is gentle yet effective. Most of my prenatal Reiki clients say they can get some deep, quality sleep during our sessions too!

Experience Distant Reiki Healing Sessions in The Comfort of Your Home!

Reiki sessions can also be given remotely to expectant mothers who are not able to visit our clinic in person. I like to have a brief chat with my clients first to see how they are doing before asking them to lie down in the comfort of their own home for the Reiki treatment. Afterward, we will have a little chat to talk about any specific notes regarding the session.

Prenatal Reiki Benefits: Even Your Baby Can Enjoy Reiki Too!

As a Reiki Master Teacher, I always find it astounding when mothers tell me they can feel their babies react and respond to the treatment. They say that babies feel their mothers’ stress - the same is true when the mother feels all relaxed and pampered. The healing energy from a Reiki healing session can help soothe, calm, and relax unborn babies, too. Now, that is a sweet way to make your baby feel you care for them!

In my experience, babies who are used to Reiki treatments while in the womb tend to respond well to Reiki treatments received after they are born. My prenatal clients who had consistent Reiki sessions with me have shared that they were able to have the beautiful, dream births that they had always desired.

Reiki During Childbirth

On top of clients who have received Reiki sessions throughout their 36 weeks of pregnancy, I have facilitated Reiki sessions DURING delivery. I have supported many expectant mothers during their delivery and it is especially helpful for those who are experiencing complications. Distant Reiki Healing sessions are amazingly beneficial during delivery and can truly keep the mother and baby calm throughout the process. At the point there is no need to dial in and have a chat with the mum during the Distant Reiki Healing session, we will jump straight into the Reiki treatment while you will be busy doing your part.

Reiki Improves Pregnancy Experiences

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful physical and spiritual experiences, and each mother deserves to experience this opportunity positively. However, stressors to the mind, body, and soul can mar the experience. See your pregnancy in the most wonderful way - pregnant mummas, you deserve a healing Reiki session. Reiki is like an expecting mother’s healing balm - it eases the physical pain, it relaxes the mind, and it makes it possible for moms to enjoy the ride through and through.

If you or someone you know wants to experience pregnancy in a way you have not before, consider a prenatal Reiki session.

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