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A Full Moon Receiving Ritual

When I tuned in to the energy of today’s full moon in Aquarius, I received guidance that that Full Moons are turning points. They are a time to release and let go. Aquarius a deep thinker and feels generally positive about change — but the sign also doesn't deal with emotions very well. During this full moon, you'll likely find yourself on your own search for the truth, emotions rising, as you gain a slightly different perspective.

The Full Moon is the time to surrender it all to the Divine. In other words, release attachment to that no longer serves you. This might sound like a hard thing to do, but it really makes magic.

We all need to tap into this full moon energy to help us get out of our own way to make a much-needed change so that we can stop replaying the same patterns over and over and finally innovate in a new direction.

Most of us know when it’s time to let go of something or someone, but sometimes it can be hard to do so. It's a good time to find a balance in your life and to release the things that are no longer working for you. The shake-up from this Full Moon will help us to gently let go of these things, and to remind us that we need not hold on in fear. If we can take a look at what we want to create and release, we can achieve our goals. Release the old dreams — even if it’s hard and bring in the new. With the energy of the full moon and the Aquarius sign, you'll be able to achieve more than you think.

This August Full Moon will help to illuminate these energies as they grow, and if we tune in with a Full Moon meditation and ritual, we may start receiving downloads, intuitive wisdom, or even new ideas and inspirations to guide us on our way, advancing us further on our path.

If you have questions, if you are looking for new wisdom, if you want to stretch your mind to new heights, reach higher under the light of this Full Moon. Open yourself to the energy and allow information to flood in. Very often on a Full Moon, we like to dictate what we wish to release or call in, but this energy calls for us to get still and enter a place of allowing. If we quiet our mind, and reach beyond our knowing, we may find new information and downloads easier to receive. We all have the power to receive these downloads, so go out under the light of the Moon. Look at it shining bright in the sky. Ask for it to bring you wisdom; ask for it to send its messages straight into your being. Open to the downloads you receive, trust your abilities, and be patient if things start to move and shake.

What are you holding on to out of fear? What thoughts, beliefs, people, circumstances are you gripping onto? This Full Moon asks you to clear the way. It asks you to shake up your beliefs, your ideas, your circumstances, so you can see what needs to remain.

Women are magical and the moon is a reminder of that. Mystical Mother Moon travels through a cycle every month, as we do. The phases from the full to the new moon, bring with them profound energy related to development, expansion, spirituality, intuition, deep insight and learning. By aligning with the moon phases, you can allow moon energy to reinvent, recharge, realign or rebirth you with every cycle of expansion.

The Full Moon represents the powerful energy in the cycle and amplifies your sacred feminine magic, calling us to open wide, do our inner work and heal through what is arising by releasing, forgiving and surrendering, in order to welcome in the new, transforming lessons in jewels of wisdom.

Under this Aquarius Full Moon energy, it is better to let things shake and fall where they may, rather than trying to control. So whatever you’re intentions to release, surrender them to Divine Mother Moon today. You free gift today is my full moon meditation and ritual designed to help you to do that.

Happy Full Moon Blessings and Abundance x

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