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create a new moon intention setting ritual

I have been working with the abundance of the moon for a few years now. Working with its lunar cycles has supported me to create sacred rituals and practices to manifest, release and provide guidance in my life and spiritual growth.

The New Moon symbolises new beginnings so it’s a perfect time to make wishes, set new intentions and get clear on what you want with a New Moon Ritual focused on manifestation. At the time of writing this, it’s a massive week as we move into the eclipse season, starting off with the New Moon eclipse on 13 July, so the New Moon energy is intense and powerful for manifesting.

On each New Moon, I write my intentions in my journal of what I would love to create, experience, manifest, feel and focus on and surround them within a crystal altar to charge up the energy. I am surrendering my intentions to the Universe and opening to receive support in bringing them to life.

This New Moon Ritual allows you to honour the energy of Mother Moon harnessing new cycle. The power of writing down your intentions cannot be understated.


Smudge your Space

Using sage, clear the energy of yourself and your space. This will release old energy to prepare for the new.

Create your Sacred Space

By setting yourself up in a special space of your home, this brings more sacred energy to the ritual. Set with items such as your journal, tea, a candle, crystals, oracle card deck, crystals, pillow, blanket to sit on. Invite your spiritual counsel, guides, angels or masters to your New Moon Ritual.

Set Your Intentions

Close your eyes, take a deep inhale. Hold your breath for five seconds, go within, then release. Repeat your breaths to clear your head and calm your mind. Focus on your breath and align with your heart chakra which enhances your intuition, connects you with your soft feminine side, claiming your inner Goddess.

Feel into what you would love to call in and receive and manifest over the next month. What would you love to experience and create? Always write intentions in present tense, i.e. AS IF. “I HAVE….”, “I AM …as if they are happening now, to confirm that what you are manifesting already exists in the Universe. After you have written all your wishes, believe it and feel it in your body and say aloud, “I surrender to the Divine Mother. Thank you.”

Use Oracle Cards

I draw an Oracle Card and ask, “Universe and my Spiritual Counsel, please give me a message of what will be arising for me this month?” Shuffle the deck and trust your intuition on when to select a card from the deck or one may jump out. I write this card into my journal too.

Slowly come back to your breath, heart chakra and your body. Take three deep breaths. Thank your spiritual counsel, guides, angels or masters for their assistance and thank your Inner Goddess.

Cleanse yourself and your space again with incense.

The night before the next New Moon, reflect on your wishes, seeing the ones which have manifested and which ones will need time to seed. Transfer those ones to your next month’s New Moon Wishes.

Repeat this Ritual every New Moon to be alignment with new beginnings and manifesting.

Women are magical and the moon is your reminder of that. You’re connected to the moon. Flow with her feminine energy to manifest, set intentions, take inspired (joyful) action, receive and celebrate and release what no longer serves you.

Love and Happy New Moon Blessings,

Deanne x

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