Imagine who you could become if you loved yourself wholly, deeply and unconditionally...

Located on Sydney's Northern Beaches, I am a intuitive energy healer, Reiki Master Teacher, ThetaHealing Practitioner and sacred space holder with a soul purpose to inspire and empower women.


This is your precious permission slip to prioritise the healing, strengthening and rebuilding of your relationship with yourself. You'll receive holistic energy healing in a sacred space where you will be nurtured, guided and supported on your path to self-love, transformation, healing and wellbeing.

I believe that everyone holds the key to their own healing and optimum well-being. I intuitively work with Reiki, ThetaHealing and Crystal Healing as a means of both facilitating your healing journey and connecting you to your higher guidance. I receive guidance throughout the session from your spirit team, including your guides and angels. This unique messaging provides you with insights into how to shift your thinking and emotional responses so that you may more fully enjoy your relationships with others and find the path that aligns with your higher purpose.


Every energy healing is intuitively tailored to your intention to optimise every session to clear any energetic blocks so that you can come back into connection with the radiance of who you truly activating your authentic feminine magnetism, power and light. Receive intuitive and energetic hands-on healing supporting relaxation and stress reduction, healing ailments and emotional aspects, deeper self connection, clearing blockages, navigating relationships and life transitions, self-love, self worth, confidence, empowerment and more.

I act as a channel for the Divine Feminine and in addition to my intuitive energy healing, I host women’s circles, workshops, courses and retreats. Align with your full potential, your heart energy, your higher guidance and the woman you truly desire to be. 

I invite you to embrace unconditional self-love … this is pure divine feminine. 

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Reiki Master Teacher, empowering women

  • Certificate Reiki 4 Master Teacher

  • Certificate ThetaHealing DNA 1 Basic

  • Certificate ThetaHealing DNA 2 Advanced 

  • Certificate ThetaHealing Soul Mates

  • Certificate Kinesiology Testing for Health Practitioners  

  • The Butterfly Effect Northern Beaches Co-Founder

  • Member, International Institute for Complimentary Therapies (IICT)



why women love beaches healing

“I would highly recommend Dee's ThetaHealing therapy. My experience was a very relaxing healing session. My conscious awareness raised to a higher level very quickly.

I was having ongoing problems with my son. We regressed back into past lives, so we could tune in and understand some patterns that were occurring in this lifetime. Once we tuned into him I could feel many of the things Dee was seeing. We cut those chords and released them.

After finishing up with the healing I felt rebalanced and had better clarity. My relationship with my son instantaneously shifted that day and has been better since. There was comfortable space between us. We were both more harmonious towards each other. And our disagreement's don't escalate as quickly as normal. Thanks Dee I will be back. Xx”…

- Nicola Fender