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Purify and cleanse your home and energy with our beautiful White Sage Smudge Sticks. Made with only the most premium quality, naturally grown, ethically harvested White Sage, our traditional White Sage Smudge Sticks are a beautiful way to cleanse your space of unwanted energy, and invite renewed energy in. These hand crafted smudge sticks provide premium purification, cleansing and energy-balancing effects to your energy and your space.


A beautiful gift or for purification and cleansing ritual uses, hand rolled and tied with neutral coloured string, creating an absolutely perfect smudge stick. They would make a lovely addition to packs or gift boxes, or just burn and enjoy. Burns evenly, giving good longevity. No added perfume, chemicals or synthetic fragrance.

For thousands of years, White Sage has been considered a sacred, cleansing, purifying and protective plant by Native American cultures. Sage cleansing or "smudging" is the quickest way to clear out negative energy from both objects and surroundings. It is one of the oldest and most well-known herbs for energy cleansing a home, space or even a human being (including yourself) through the technique of smudging.


Smudging is the ancient ceremony of burning revered plants and herbs in order to create a sacred smoke bath. It can be used for welcoming in the new day, cleansing the body, home or workplace from negative energies, for ceremonial occasions and even sweat lodges. Smudging should be performed with reverence and respect allowing yourself to transcend beyond the physical in order to enhance your spiritual connection.


Approx 15cm long x 3.5cm - 4cm round


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White Sage Smudge Stick

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  • Set an intention before use or say a prayer, then light the end of the smudge stick and gently blow out any flame and allow it to smoulder only.


    When smudging yourself begin at the heart centre wafting the smoke up towards the throat then up and over the head and then down and around the body ending at the feet.


    When smudging a room, walk clock wise around the perimeter smoking from the ground upwards. As you cleanse your room, recite the following “From corner to corner this room is cleansed of any and all energies that are no longer for my highest good. This space is now filled with love, peace, joy, healing, and abundance. My space is protected and may all those who enter this space be blessed, myself included. Thank you. It is done." Use your intuition whilst smudging and noticing if there are any areas that are needing extra attention or a longer period of saging for clearing. Once your smudging session is complete, extinguish the smoking end by placing into dry rice or sand. It will then be ready to use next time.

  • Smudging can be done everyday to cleanse and protect your energy either morning or evening or use once a week to clear, cleanse and set new intentions for the week ahead or simply whenever you feel the need to shift the energy.

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