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Our 2ml Certified Organic Scent Vials are made with 100% pure certified organic essential oil. 


The crisp, lemony, tea-like scent of lemongrass oil is mentally stimulating and will awaken the senses. Use to revive, energise and pick you up.  With superior detoxifying benefits, diffuse this strong, grassy and herbaceous oil to boost your spirit as well as ease headaches, anxiety, jetlag, stress and nervous tension.


Essential oils emanate different vibrational frequencies, as do the chakras. So when an oil matches the natural frequency of a chakra, it "tunes" it when it's out of balance, bringing harmony to the body.Lemongrass helps balance the solar plexus chakra. This chakra is the source of your individual power and ability to make commitments. Balancing the solar plexus allows you to find the momentum you need to move forward and to take the steps necessary to reach your goals. Lemongrass also aids in the release of regrets and resentment and promotes feelings of hope, optimism, and courage.


Lemongrass assists with health digestion and can be used to support healthy digestion and ease occasional stomach discomfort.


Lemongrass Organic has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties making it a great choice for skin issues like acne. It also boosts circulation and relieves sore muscles and joints, aches and pains.


Known for its astringent properties, it’s widely used in facial toners to cleanse and balance oily skin while also reducing blemishes and outbreaks. Great natural deodorant and insect repellent too. With a fresh lemony citrus aroma, use lemongrass to refresh a room. 


Our 2ml organic essential oil vials are charged with Reiki, lunar eclipse energy and a crystal grid of Clear Quartz, Citrine and Selenite. This sacred process is powerful to amplify the healing properties of the essential oil, so every vial is an energetic healing.


*Avoid use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Keep vial out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes

Certified Organic Essential Oil Vial - Lemongrass

GST Included
    • Apply to 2-3 drops between the navel and the rib cage to chakra balance and heal the Solar Plexus
    • Add 2-3 drops to a full body bath or foot bath.
    • Add 2-3 drops to the corner of the shower and enjoy the benefits of steam inhalation.
    • Diffuse 6-8 drops of Lemongrass oil in your home to ease tension, stress or nervousness or eliminate mental fatigue.
    • Diffuse 6-8 drops of Lemongrass oil at your desk at work to help promote a positive outlook and heighten your awareness.
    • Apply 2-3 drops to clothing before going outside or diffuse on the patio to enjoy bug free entertaining.
    • Add 2-3 drops of Lemongrass oil to a lotion or a carrier oil and massage the legs and feet after a tough workout or long run.
    • Add 2 drops to a bowl of water to treat nail infections.
    • Add 2 -3 drops of lemongrass essential oil to a bowl of water to treat inflammation. Agitate a face washer in the water, wring out excess moisture and apply washer to the affected area. Repeat two or three times as the compress cools down or warms up. Cool compresses are recommended for application to sore muscles and joints after exercise.
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