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refreshing your self-love plan

Changing seasons always gets me in a mood to declutter and refresh not only my living spaces, but my spiritual wellbeing as well. Needs and desires change. Challenges and experiences change us and turn us in new directions, inviting us into new ways of being in the world. What you needed a year ago or even last month or season, may not be what you need right now it is so crucial to check-in with yourself every few months to reassess your current needs and life circumstances.

I practice self-love rituals which include all aspects of my wellbeing and journaling to tune into my soul and listen to where I am at and what I need. I love a new, clarified self-love plan that sustains and nourishes all aspects of my wellbeing. When I spend time honouring my self-love plan, life flows more smoothly, I am more grounded and I attract all that I need on a more frequent basis.

What is a self-love plan?

A self-love plan is like a template you create for yourself that touches on all aspects of your wellbeing. You will think about and decide what you need in the areas of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self-care. You could do more or less depending on what you deem important and necessary in your life…the simpler, the easier it is to integrate into your days, weeks and months.

What are examples of self-love?

Listed below are examples of self-love in the different areas of my life, so that you can begin to think about your current needs, desires, circumstances and schedule. I then combine all areas to create a complete self-love plan.

Emotional self-love habits: Mood and gratitude journaling – crying - time to sit with emotions - self-compassion – kindness - forgiveness - self-love – laughing - positive beliefs - inner child healing - creating boundaries - breathwork

Mental self-love habits: Time for self-reflection – meditation - mood and gratitude journaling - personal growth - continuous learning - practicing mindfulness - positive beliefs - creating boundaries - addressing and completing priorities

Physical self-love habits: Rest and play – hydration – nourishing foods - moving your body daily – massages - physical intimacy with others – natural supplements – breathwork - safe, nurturing living space - energy healing - taking time off from work

Spiritual self-love habits: Trusting - being open – meditation – connecting with Mother Earth and Moon – being in nature – healing - self-reflection - exploring spiritual beliefs - honouring values - gratitude journaling - spiritual community - nourishing spiritual practices

How to create your self-love plan

When creating or updating my self-love plan, I find it essential to do some self-reflection. You need to assess your life circumstances, your current needs, what you want to release and what you want to bring in. The best self-development tool is your journal. Here are some journal prompts to get started:

  • Recently, I have been feeling very...

  • Things in life that have been stressing me out..

  • People or situations that feel heavy…

  • Ways I want to begin feeling…

  • What does my ideal daily/weekly schedule look like?

  • Things I want to start doing less of…

  • Things I want to start doing more of…

  • If my inner child had a voice, what boundaries would need to be created in my life right now for her/him to feel happy/safe/loved?

  • Activities that honour my authentic self are…

Choose a few of these prompts that resonate with you, tune into heart and journal your guidance. After doing your Self-Love Plan a few times, the aim is to have a better idea and feel for what you are ready to release and what you are desiring to bring in. Focus on the feelings you want to develop and the boundaries you need to create to nurture these feelings.

Bringing your self-love plan together

The whole purpose of creating your personal self-love plan is give your self-love development focus and intention. When you do not know how you feel, what you need or what activities nourish you, you are not aligning to your soul's wellbeing. A self-love plan is an active awareness of your needs and desires. It is not a rigid schedule or routine. It is extremely helpful to do these journal prompts every season. Life situations, circumstances and feelings and desires change so it helps to be aware of these things. This awareness is your compass in life. Your compass points toward your well-being, not perfection, or goals. We all need a conscious awareness of what we are currently needing for our well-being.

Bring your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual areas together with the following prompts:

  • How do I want to feel?

  • What I need to do/say/practice every day/week to feel this way

  • Activities that nourish these feelings

  • Who can I ask for support?

  • Boundaries that protect my well-being

You have to nourish to flourish

I keep a journal on my bedside table, so it is easy to review my previous self-love plan. The more you keep your self-care plan at the forefront of your mind, the better chances you have of cultivating wellbeing for yourself. The best gift you can give to you is self-love and care.

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