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Sat, 11 May


Beaches Healing

Soul Wisdom: WEEK 1 - Introduction to the Divine Feminine

Awaken and Empower your Divine Feminine Intuition

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Soul Wisdom: WEEK 1 - Introduction to the Divine Feminine
Soul Wisdom: WEEK 1 - Introduction to the Divine Feminine

Time & Location

11 May 2024, 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Beaches Healing, Suite 2/16 Waratah St, Mona Vale NSW 2103, Australia



WEEK 1 OVERVIEW: Introduction to the Divine Feminine

We begin to unlock and embrace the power of our intuition as the voice of the divine feminine within us. This week is dedicated to understanding how our intuition serves as a direct channel to our higher self and the profound wisdom of our soul, guiding us on a path of deep self-awareness and spiritual fulfillment. This workshop will include an Intuitive Awakening practice, how this innate wisdom acts as a compass, guiding us through life's journeys with a sense of knowing that goes beyond logic and reason. We'll delve into the concept of intuition as our soul's language, a sacred communication channel that is always open and waiting for us to listen. We will uncover the essence of intuition as an expression of the divine feminine within, highlighting its qualities of receptivity, insight, and transformative power. Learn how intuition can lead us to live more authentically, aligned with our true selves and the universe. We will practice ways to tune into and honour our intuitive signals, fostering a deeper connection with our inner wisdom. We will engage in reflective journaling exercises designed to open the channels to your intuitive wisdom. We will conclude with a guided meditation that leads you on a journey inward to meet your intuitive self. 

Soul Wisdom: Awaken and Empower your Divine Feminine Intuition

In the quest of self-discovery and empowerment, "Soul Wisdom" is for women ready to deepen their intuitive connection and align harmoniously with their higher self. Celebrated as a woman's sixth sense, intuition acts as a portal to the profound wisdom interwoven within our existence. Intuitively created and channelled, Deanne will guide you through the layers of your consciousness, empowering you to unlock, trust, and honour your innate intuitive abilities. By connecting with your body, soul wisdom and embracing your intuition, you align with your deepest soul desires, uncovering a profound understanding of your authentic self, living daily in soul alignment.

Structure and Content:

"Soul Wisdom" unfolds over six transformative weeks, with each two-hour workshop to facilitate an awakening journey. The course includes:

Week 1: Introduction to the Divine Feminine

Delve into the essence and cultural resonance of the divine feminine, beginning the journey to connect with this powerful, nurturing energy.

Week 2: Understanding Intuition

Explore the manifestations of intuition, recognising and nurturing your intuitive senses as guides toward authenticity.

Week 3: Overcoming Blocks to Intuition

Address the barriers to intuitive flow, employing techniques like shadow work and affirmations to clear the path for intuitive insights.

Week 4: The Divine Feminine and the Natural World

Discover the intimate connection between the divine feminine and nature, enhancing intuition through this sacred bond.

Week 5: Intuitive Body Wisdom

Learn to decode your body’s signals, understanding them as direct communications from your soul, guiding you to deeper truths.

Week 6: Vision and Action - Living Your Soul Purpose

This final week focuses on bringing your soul purpose to the forefront of your daily life. Through practical exercises, reflection, and guided meditation, you will learn to live in alignment with your higher self, making intuitive decisions that reflect your soul's deepest truths and stepping into a life of purposeful direction.


  • By our journey’s end, you will:
  • Deepen your appreciation for intuition as a core element of your divine feminine essence.
  • Learn practical methods to access and strengthen your intuitive abilities.
  • Experience a profound alignment with your higher self, leading to authentic, empowered, and purposeful living.
  • Be equipped with rituals and practices to intuitively manage life guided by your inner wisdom.
  • Be held in a sacred space with the beaches healing collective of like-minded women on a parallel awakening path, nurturing connections that support and enrich your journey.

"Soul Wisdom" invites you on a transformative expedition to uncover the strength of your intuition, embrace your soul purpose, and ignite your spiritual potential. Step into the world with renewed confidence in your navigational prowess through life, guided by the unerring compass of your soul’s wisdom.

  • Six Weekly Workshops x 2 hours each. 2:30pm to 4:30pm. 
  • Commencing Saturday 11 May 2024 for six consecutive weeks
  • Included GF, DF, NF treats, fruits and herbal teas
  • BYO Journal, water bottle, any spiritual tools you work with
  • Wear comfortable clothing

This is a nurturing and non-judgemental gathering of women who are attuned to their need for connection to self and others, who value healing and growth. Women of all ages and backgrounds are WELCOME.

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