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Dee has a beautiful soul, energy to burn and passion to achieve her goals. She is an inspiring being to motivate me towards achieving my goals, looking at what's holding me back. May she enlighten your path, with love.

Lou Whitlock

I met Deanne for a session after TWO special soul sisters recommended her! I sat with her and we dived straight into my past life stuff and she supported and guided and cleared with me what was intense energy and purging. She held the space so beautifully, and took me to the next level in my self confidence as a woman who can support others into their own healing. I love Deanne and will be back and have already given her name to two more people.

Melissa Turnock


I would highly recommend Dee's ThetaHealing therapy. My experience was a very relaxing healing session. My conscious awareness raised to a higher level very quickly. I was having ongoing problems with my son. We regressed back into past lives, so we could tune in and understand some patterns that were occurring in this lifetime. Once we tuned into him I could feel many of the things Dee was seeing. We cut those chords and released them. After finishing up with the healing I felt rebalanced and had better clarity. My relationship with my son instantaneously shifted that day and has been better since. There was comfortable space between us. We were both more harmonious towards each other. And our disagreement's didn't/don't escalate as quickly as normal. Thanks Dee I will be back.

Nicola Fender Fox

Thank you Dee for such an amazing experience, walking in to your healing room hit me like an emotional tsunami...I have never been so overcome! it was as though all the pent up feelings came flooding to the surface which then allowed me with your help to first look at them and then let them go....very very powerful! thank you dear friend

Lorraine Scott

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