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This sacred incense is handmade in Nepal in the foothills of the Negarjung Forest in the Kathmandu Valley. It is prepared using Buddhist incense making techniques using a blend of wild foraged natural resins, herbs, plants, leaves and tree barks.


Packaged in a beautiful 100% recyclable lokta paper tube, these make an extra special gift.


Sandalwood: the scent that is favoured by the Gods and commonly used during meditation to assist in focusing the mind and connecting it to the divine. It breaks down illusions and allows you to align with your higher self. 


Approximate burn time of 30 minutes per stick.


Tube contains 15 sticks (10cm long) + incense holder.



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Sandalwood Incense - Stupa Lokta Paper Tube

SKU: 505603
GST Included
  • Set an intention before use, then light the end of the incense stick and gently blow out any flame and allow it to smoulder only.

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