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Manifested with divine intention, our Sacred Clearing Mist is a “Smokeless Smudge Stick”, to clear negative energy and raise your vibration or space to a higher frequency. 


We are in love with this mist! Steeped in witch hazel with pink Himalayan Salt for purification and cleansing and amplifying love to your aura and space, we have added, white sage, palo santo, lavender, lemon and frankincense pure essential oils for purification and protection.


Infused with Reiki, our high vibrational sacred clearing and protection mist will restore balance and purify negative emotional, mental and subtle energies, creating a sacred and harmonious space. It’s a must have for all your clearing rituals. Spray around your aura and space to cleanse energy and form a natural protection shield.


  • Handmade in small batches in Australia with love
  • High vibrational infused with Reiki
  • Beautiful way to feel the benefits of aromatherapy immediately
  • Perfect for opening and closing treatments and meditation
  • Recyclable amber glass bottle + atomiser
  • Sustainable and Cruelty Free
  • Vegan and Non-Toxic
  • Palm Oil Free
  • 50mL volume

Sacred Clearing Mist

GST Included
Allow 7 days delivery for pre orders as batches will be especially made
  • Shake bottle and spray your aura or space to cleanse and refresh energy. Pause, allowing mist to balance, clear and align your auric field and raise your vibration or space to a higher frequency.

    The use of essential oils should be in consultation with a healthcare professional if pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Purified Water

    Witch Hazel – is an astringent wound cleaner and the perfect “skin friendly” agent to combine and evenly distribute the essential oils and acts as natural preservative for your mist to last longer.

    Himalayan Pink Salt – powerful for cleansing and balancing the aura, eliminating and repelling negative vibrations, restoring energetic alignment.

    White Sage Pure Essential Oil - well known for its purifying properties on the spirit and atmosphere, strengthening the mind and body, promoting positive energy and is renowned for its ceremonial and therapeutic benefits.

    Palo Santo Pure Essential Oil - highly regarded for spiritual applications, uses within vibrational work and for helping to clearing negativity.

    Lavender Pure Essential Oil – well known for centuries, has natural antimicrobial, purifying and cleansing properties which purifies the air and transmutes bacteria and other germs.

    Lemon Pure Essential Oil – has many purposes and spiritually acts as a psychic cleanser, cleansing negativity.

    Frankincense Pure Essential Oil – clears negative energy and invokes spiritual protection. Its spiritually elevating and opens our consciousness to connect with the divine.


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