EMPOWER Essence is a crystal elixir infused with purified water that captures the vibrational frequency of Carnelian, Rose Quartz and Citrine crystals and charged with Reiki, lunar eclipse energy and a crystal grid of Clear Quartz, Citrine and Selenite. This sacred process is powerful to extract the crystals healing properties so every bottle is an energetic healing.


EMPOWER Essence is made with the purest intention, channelling the energy and vibrational imprint of these three crystals:


CARNELIAN — Works to activate the first three chakras to cultivate creativity. It is the crystal of confidence, increasing self-worth, courage, vitality, sexuality and restoring your sacral chakra. Programmed: I am worthy.  I am confident. I am a powerful wise woman.


ROSE QUARTZ — This powerful crystal activates the heart and higher chakras awakening our unconditional self-love, compassion, empathy, grace and self-forgiveness; perfect to help heal any Goddess. Rose Quartz is excellent for helping women see the beauty in everything, especially themselves. An empowered woman nurtures self-love and compassion and helps others to do the same. This crystal is also powerful for women to give and receive love equally, connect with her inner self, heart and the highest feelings of love and passion.  Programmed: I love and accept myself.  I am perfect, whole and complete. I give and receive love equally.


CITRINE – The solar plexus is the chakra of empowerment, self-confidence and will power. When the solar plexus chakra is balanced we are living as our authentic self in our personal power. Citrine is used for solar plexus chakra healing. Citrine is yellow; a colour of inspiration and joy. Citrine holds the energy of power, vitality, authority, confidence, clarity and manifestation. Programmed: I am filled with joy. I am abundant. I radiate beauty and power.


EMPOWER Essence is a crystal elixir of feminine balance and spiritual love. It cleanses and circulates energy in the emotional body, increases feminine energy aspects of receptivity and intuition plus balances and focuses all chakras.


  • EMPOWER Essence has been blended to activate endless healing potential for the body mind and soul and is to be used with intention.


    3 drops under tongue 1-3 times daily and affirm I AM EMPOWERED. I AM THRIVING.


    Contains purified spring water and alcohol.

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