Be the goddess of love and light with our Divine Feminine Smudge Kit. It beholds six treasures lovingly bundled and charged with Reiki, created for clearing and releasing stagnant or negative energy, healing, setting affirmations, manifesting intentions, purifying and protection and rituals.


This beautiful Smudge Kit is perfect for cleansing your sacred space of negative energy and bringing in positive loving vibes, perfect for those who are diligently conscious of protecting their sacred space and aura. Clear your space and energy each morning to connect to your sacred feminine energy, setting a positive intention for your day. Use any time to invoke your divine feminine for a complete ritual experience to clear your space and manifest your intentions.


Our divine feminine smudging kit will keep you in a state of high vibrational living. You will receive:

1 x Abalone Shell

1 x Californian White Sage Smudge Stick large

1 x Jumbo Palo Santo “Holy Wood” Stick

1 x Raw Selenite Wand

1 x Rose Quartz Raw Crystal

1 x Blue Peacock Feather

1 x 100% Recyclable Gift Box


Each Kit has the same six treasures which may slightly vary 'ever so slightly' in shape, colour, size, feather.

Palo Santo, Selenite and Blue Peacock Feather is bound with 100% Cotton Yarn.


CAUTION: Use with extreme caution. Do not leave burning or smouldering sticks unattended. Keep out of reach of children.

Divine Feminine Smudge KIt