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Where focus goes, energy flows...

The Moon has always fascinated me. I have been drawn to work with the moon through my healing work and own spiritual journey and practice. I've witnessed myself and many clients tuning into our inner wisdom and unlocking our power. Harnessing moon energy has opened my relationship with my feminine magic, my body, my cycles, slowing down, simply being, and living intentionally. I have truly witnessed putting faith in the power of manifesting my dreams with new moon cycles which have come to fruition in all areas of my life including my own awakenings.

Manifesting is a powerful kind of active luck that helps you to focus on bringing your dreams to life. The New Moon in Aquarius today is a time for new beginnings. Aquarian energy is innovative, awakening, and expansive. Where focus goes, energy flows. This is amplified under the energies of today’s Aquarius New Moon.

New Moons are a great time to set new intentions and to think about the goals you wish to achieve for the month ahead. Take time to tune into the divine feminine energies of today’s New Moon, anchor in love and call in the good stuff. Visualise divine feminine moon energy above your head and flowing into your heart. As the energy settles there, sit with it, listen to it and allow your heart to talk to you.

What are you choosing to focus on? New ideas? New ambitions? New innovation? New community? New -self-care routine? New Love? New abundance?

Journal your new moon intentions… trust and surrender and allow the Universe to take care of the rest.

Use this energy today to raise your vibration, self-care and send healing love to our entire planet.

Abundance of amplified New Moon Blessings

Deanne x

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