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What is holistic counselling?

At some point in our lives, we’ve all heard someone recommend counselling. When you think about counselling, you might think of a therapist asking you about your childhood.

Holistic means whole, which means that holistic counselling focuses on the whole person rather than just addressing the symptoms.

Holistic counselling is based on the belief that human beings are able to heal themselves in mind and body. However, there will be times that they will struggle to do this and may "lose their way". Holistic counselling considers not only the mind, but also the body and spirit and how each of these elements interconnect and addresses issues through compassion and gentle assistance in re-discovering oneself, empowerment, growth, to heal and to build inner wisdom.

Traditional therapy can tend to focus on a certain disorder or dysfunction a person might present with. While this can be effective in some cases, focusing on a particular presenting problem could miss all the important elements that creates a person, such as life experiences, philosophical and spiritual beliefs, emotionality, psychology, physical health, and more. Holistic counselling can help to identify patterns that may be more complex or relate to multiple facets of your life.

Holistic counselling empowers you to discover and access your own inner wisdom and healing capacity to embark on your enlightening journey of self-discovery, personal growth and self-healing.

Holistic counselling sessions usually lasts from 60 to 90 minutes and can be in person or by telehealth. In sessions, we will work deeply and explore your relationship with your mind (including emotions), body (nervous system) and spirit (soul) as fundamentally interconnected. Here’s how I integrate these elements in a holistic counselling session:


Here we explore and identify any habitual thought patterns, past trauma, fear, negative emotions, that may be limiting you, including deeper concerns (both past and present) and long-term patterns. Through this transformative process, supported by intuitive ThetaHealing, you will recover and release what no longer serves you and be equipped with a wide range of effective self-healing tools for improvement and change to your psychological wellbeing currently and for the future.


Here we explore any physical concerns (pain, blockages, ailments) you have and how they may be contributing to your overall wellbeing. I believe that physical concerns are messengers to show you what is not working in your body. It is a way to get your attention. Deep-seated emotional difficulties manifest as physical pain when they're not addressed. When you really understand and discover what your pain is about you can heal. Combining Reiki and intuitive healing, we will tune into your body and awaken your innate healing intelligence to heal yourself find out the answers to your physical and emotional challenges. I believe that your body is incredibly wise and that everyone holds the key to their own optimum well-being. Here we can also integrate lifestyle, diet, routine, exercise, nutrition, or new activities to support your healing journey.


A core principle in holistic counselling is that the human spirit is essential in healing an individual’s mind, body, and soul. In my practice I have found that holistic counselling provides a safe and nurturing space for an individual to express, explore and find ways of integrating their spiritual beliefs and philosophies into all aspects of their lives (e.g. physically, emotionally, psychologically). I draw on my years of study and practice in self-healing techniques, as well as my own profound self-healing journey for my client to gain a deeper sense of clarity and to assist with integrating their personal spiritual beliefs into their general wellbeing. This can include mindfulness, relaxation, meditation, new age books and resources, rituals, alternative healing modalities, journaling, crystals, and more. Over and over, I have witnessed, when an individual begins to integrate their personal spiritual beliefs and practices on their journey of healing and change, comes a deeper inner awareness and peace.

Holistic counselling is a personal and nurturing process and can be a great alternative for those who have not found success with traditional therapies. Or for those who want a more personalised form of counselling that examines your entire life, not just what you’re currently experiencing and to connect within yourself on a deeper spiritual level.

Holistic counselling supports your complete health and well-being, embodying unconditional love and acceptance, purpose, direction and a sense of 'centredness' in your life and is an amazing option for people who want to work on developing greater wellbeing, spirituality, inner peace and to move positively forward in life and achieve long lasting results. You will also experience a sense of wellbeing, release and empowerment after the session.

Nothing can be safer and more empowering than the realisation of your innate strengths and capabilities to move beyond whatever difficulties life throws at you. Regardless of age, gender or health condition, everyone can benefit from working with a holistic counsellor and move forward with their life connecting with their authentic self, awakening and empowering self-love and acceptance.

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