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Tune into your Lioness…8.8.21

Every year on the 8th day of the 8th month of the year, there is a cosmic alignment called “the Lionsgate Portal." It's a time of increased cosmic energy flowing between the physical and spiritual realms. As we approach this portal which peaks on 8th August, a deep Soul-healing cycle is completing. I can hardly sleep from late July until 10 August. My energy (and crown chakra) is buzzing and there is a surge of clients feeling exactly the same way. This event occurs every year on 8 August when the Sun, Sirius and Earth take their places for this energetic shower. Sirius is the 2nd brightest star and is sometimes called our “Spiritual Sun” and is known for her energy giving powers.

Lionsgate celebrates this taking place during the astrological sign of Leo. Leo (lioness) energy brings increased feminine energies. This leads to increased creativity, nurturing and intuition). Lioness also reminds us to have the courage to pursue our dreams and ROAR when she needs to be heard. She’s a loving and powerful influence and super helpful in attaining your desires. Plus, she teaches balance, patience and sexiness.

The number 8 is powerful! This number brings abundance and financial prosperity. Lionsgate Portal brings an energetic, spiritual and vibrational increase (loving that), supercharging manifesting, aligning with prosperity, our creation capabilities magnified. On 8 August revisit your intentions for career and purpose and allow the prosperity in! Envision achieving your biggest, juiciest dreams.

The Lionsgate is aligned with the heart centre and embodies the Leo traits of royalty, bravery, power and personal expression. The heart chakra is a source of unconditional love. It’s the place within you that holds the vibration of warmth, altruism, compassion, joy and soul. Use the energy of this day to be gentle with yourself, to practice self-care, and to set intentions for the months to come.

Harness the Lionsgate energy and illuminate your internal power, here's how:

  • Manifest and express your intentions with clear declaration.

  • Commit to living with love, gratitude, compassion and embrace the beauty that you see emanating from within.

  • Stand independently in your innate power and ROAR.

  • Heart chakra and divine feminine meditations.

  • Heart chakra affirmations

  • Build an altar with candles, flowers, crystals, herbs, jewels, oracle cards, and any items you have that make you feel beautiful.

  • Bath ritual with salts, essential oils and rose petals.

  • Tune in, consciously, embodying the highest version of you, journal your heart’s intentions (as below)

Journal Prompts for Lionsgate:

  • What does my heart and spirit need to feel full?

  • In what ways can I show myself more grace and love?

  • What is my hearts truest desire?

Trust that as this new era of your sacred lioness power begins, you'll be in exactly the right places, doing the right things, with your soul tribe.

Enjoy this magical time. Allow the power of Lionsgate to light your soul and fully fill you up!

Lionsgate blessings.


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