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Spring clean your Vibe with Smudging on this Pisces Full Moon

Wednesday’s full moon in psychic Pisces, is the perfect excuse to clean and cleanse your space ready for Spring. I am soooo excited for Spring. It’s time for blossoming flowers, wardrobe refreshes, and, of course, spring cleaning! Reorganising my space and clearing away winter has become a calming, introspective time for me — a treasured ritual I look forward to every year. I am an organised, structured Capricorn after all.

The most important thing when it comes to cleansing and cleaning the home is to attempt to restore balance, whether that be energetically or physically. The first step in this process is to clean your space. This means removing clutter, unnecessary items, and ridding the home of all dust and dirt. This physical aspect is important as it sets the tone for further cleansing and ensuring all negativity is removed from the home or office. Removing the dust and dirt cleans the air you breathe, creating an initial space for positive energy to arise.

The reason we may feel the heaviness of the air around us is because the electromagnetic field around our body, as well as the environment in which we live, can be blocked, actually, by harmful positive ions, which gives us those feelings of sluggishness and tension; think about the first half of 2020! When we are stressed, angry or unsettled, the positive ions build up, causing our surrounding energies to become stagnant. When we smudge, we are releasing an abundance of negative ions to neutralise the air around us.

Spring cleaning isn’t just about tossing out stuff that’s been collecting dust. It’s also about removing the positive ion energy that’s built up. Energy may not be able to be seen, but as an intuitive energy healer, it sure can be felt. Sage stems from the Latin word, Salvia, which means “to heal.” Smudging is the act of cleansing yourself and your home of stagnant energy with the help of burning sage. It’s like taking an energetic shower or doing a deep metaphysical cleansing. For centuries, many cultures believe that cleansing yourself of lingering negative energy heals you from the effects the energy left behind.

People often smudge when they have been affected by a negative event, having feelings of sadness or fatigue, when moving into a new place, and upon the new year. Often smudging is used before and during meditation as well as to cleanse crystal energy, ensuring they don’t hold any inherent negativity. I incorporate sage into my daily morning routine and at the start of spring combined with a thorough house clean to refresh and cleanse the energy in my home to bring in new beginnings of spring.

Sage smudge sticks or Palo Santo sticks used with an abalone shell, are the perfect way to collect ashes that may fall as you’re smudging. Abalone shells are used during the smudging processes because they represent the element of water and have many healing properties, as well as being heatproof.

I start by taking a few minutes centring myself. I then light the smudge stick holding it over the abalone shell. Once smoking, I use my hand or a feather to direct the smoke over my body from my feet up to my head, then back down again. As I do this, I visualise the smoke releasing any negative energy from my aura, thoughts, life, home and space and repeat the following affirmation: "I cleanse this space. My space is 100% clear and filled with unconditional love and light”.

I then clear my home, walking slowly around each room, I hold the smudge smoke near the walls, allowing the smoke to trickle up towards the ceilings – focusing on gateway areas like corners, doors, and windows where energy can linger. This sage ceremony lifts the veil between the everyday and the sacred. As you say your affirmation, you are shifting energy at will. Once I’m finished, I leave the smudge stick on the abalone shell until it burns out on its own. To complete the ritual, I take the ashes in the shell and dump them outside in my garden so that any energy burned can find its way back to the Earth. This is personally my favourite method of using sage to rid myself of any lingering negative energy.

On 2 September full moon, pause, take time to unplug and cleanse your vibe to release stagnant old energy to make room for new. Invoke healing energy by taking time to clear and cleanse your digital, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual space. Be in the moment, get fresh air, reflect and release, it’s good for the soul.

California White Sage and Palo Santo are our organically grown smudging tools, offering high vibrational cleansing to clear the air and remove stagnant energy. Available in Store! Amplify with a full moon ritual as your energetic space deserves as much TLC as your physical one, so enjoy the process.

Deanne xx

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