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Set Intentions with tomorrow's Virgo Super New Moon

Every New Moon brings a chance to start all over again – but tomorrow’s New Moon is extra powerful. Unfolding in earth sign Virgo this Thursday, 17 September, is the first in a line up of three Super New Moons over the coming months. Think of this Super New Moon as an extra boost, enabling you to make significant changes and embark on new beginnings.

This Virgo New Moon governs health, wellness, habits, routines and organisation, making it the perfect time to clean out both internal and external clutter. Remember mind – body – spirit is all connected, so nurturing all three is essential to feeling balanced.

All New Moons mark the beginning of a new cycle, a time for resetting intentions and envisioning what you would like to manifest for the month ahead. This New Moon ruling health and work, we are being given the opportunity to take everything we've been learning about self-care, organisation, and taking better care of our bodies and schedules and drop it into an intention for how we would like to carry ourselves forward more in tune and balanced with our needs in the future.

Remember that we are not just human, we are also divine beings that are connected to an infinite stream of love and light. Take time to “tune in” to your divine self this New Moon to focus on what fuels you to feel your best and do your best work day-to-day. Use the energies tomorrow to think about where in your life you need to make changes. Pay particular attention to your daily routines.

Your intentions initiated between now and the next full moon will set the tone for what’s to come. If you want to optimise your wellness routine, don’t get caught up researching which fad or trend you should tailor your life to — instead, think about how you ultimately want to feel (More rested? More hydrated? More active? More balanced? Eating healthy? Meditate daily? Journal? Regular self-care?) and make changes balancing mind-body-spirit so that you will get closer to that feeling/intention.

Here are some ideas about setting intentions in different areas of your life:


If you are feeling disorganised in any area of your life, home, work, or otherwise, set a strong intention to get organised, with actions on how you could be more organised with your home life and work or simplify the things that aren't quite as important. Manifest and begin to take action this new moon.

Health and Wellness

Virgo has a strong alternative health theme. The New Moon in Virgo is a wonderful time to think about your diet and your daily habits. For self-care, it’s important to have a morning and evening routine, how do yours look? Do you have current intentions for your health and wellness and what are some rituals you could do every day to work towards them? Where would you like to be with your sense of work/life balance in six months from now and what could you begin doing now to work up to that?


If money is your focus right now, given that Virgo is an earth sign, perhaps it’s time to set a budget for yourself, make a plan to pay off debt, or get a head start on year-end accounting. Setting goals around money bode well under this new moon.

The New Moon represents powerful new beginnings energy in the cycle and amplifies your sacred feminine magic, to build a clean slate charged with possibility, opportunity and hope. Manifesting in tune with the New Moon supercharges your desires. If you love to work with the Moon, you will love my New Moon Ritual and Meditation.

Happy New Moon Blessings and Abundance,

Deanne x

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