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I Listen To My Body

Most people are aware that their physical wellbeing is much more than a physical issue. Energy flow is vitally important. It dictates your health and happiness. Your body is always seeking to achieve energetic balance. The human body is a magnificently intelligent system. You can trust your body to heal itself in every moment. Pain begins energetically and starts to manifest in the physical body. Your body holds your truth. Every part of your body will resonate with and absorb certain emotions.

Our souls use our bodies to communicate with us through sensations, aches and pains, illnesses and our energy levels. Your body’s wisdom is the key to your healing.

Your heart develops problems when you allow fear, self-sabotage and hurt from the past to rule your capacity to love. Your throat can become stuck when you don’t say what you mean, in a way that others can hear you. Your neck is impacted by rejection, abandonment and judgements from past relationships.

Your shoulders become tense when you take on too much responsibility and become stressed.

By tapping into your Divine Healing Intuition, you awaken your intuitive body to live a healthier, balanced and more abundant life. When your energy is blocked or pain arises, delve deeper into your self-healing process and explore what is held in your energy body. This meditation creates a sacred space to listen to your body to assess and activate self-healing to improve your own wellbeing.

The more time you spend listening to your body, the more profound awareness of the signs and messages, the more familiar with changes in your subtle system and you will be able to respond and self-heal before they manifest into physical challenges or symptoms.

You are a beautiful powerful expression of divine energy. I believe that everyone holds the key to their own healing and optimum well-being, so take time to connect with your innate healing intelligence and call on your body’s built-in ability to heal itself.

This meditation has been mixed with 432hz Miracle Tone which resonates with the Universe and syncs with the 7 Chakras System, awaking the divine healing intuition within, Syncs Emotionally Physically Mentally Spiritually, Replicates DNA, Balances, Heals and Returns you to your Natural State of Being. 432hz Miracle Tone has the potential to bring about profound healing.

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