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How to release negative energy cords and hooks

Everything is energy, this includes you. You have your own electromagnetic field that surrounds you and interacts with everything around you. As you become aware of your own energy, it is important to know about energy cords and hooks.

Cords are energetic connections that form between people. These cords can be formed from different emotions such as love which is obviously a good cord to have formed and other times these cords can be formed from anger, fear or any other negative emotion. Cords are being created consistently and it is important to clear the cords that are of lower vibration.

Hooks are formed by allowing other people to hook into your energy, whether conscious of it or not. Hooks are there to take away your energy or power. Empaths are often exposed to this type of situation because they are so sympathetic and often times tend to have poor boundaries set for themselves which can cause them to give their power away.

So, how do you know you are being affected by unhealthy energy cords and hooks?

Here I share a few examples of negative energy cords and hooks:

  1. You have someone in your life that drains your energy. It’s rare, if ever that you feel good after being around this person. If anything, you feel doubt, guilty or totally confused after you are around them. You may even feel bad about yourself or second guess your decisions that you felt so clear about before being around them.

  2. You have someone in your life that projects all of their own insecurities onto you and you are always trying to make them feel better about these issues. Co-dependent relationships suffer from this type of cord or hook. Co-dependent relationships are not just that of a romantic sense either, this can be a relationship with a friend, co-worker, parent or other family member.

  3. You have someone in your life who you are scared to be your authentic self around in fear of how they will react. This can often happen with a unsupportive parent, spouse or family member who projects their own fears onto you and tries to implant energy that keeps you from moving forward towards what you really want because this makes them feel uncomfortable and causes them to take a look at their own healing work.

  4. You are involved in any type of unhealthy relationship (business, family, romantic, etc.) that you know needs to change but stay caught up in vicious cycles due to insecurities, guilt, or fear.

  5. You have someone in your life who depends on your energy to make them feel better.

So what can you do to protect and keep your energy clear? How to release the negative energy cords and hooks.

  1. Boundaries, boundaries and boundaries! Setting healthy boundaries for yourself is the first essential step for you when it comes to energy management. When you let go of that which does not serve you and stop allowing others to drain you of your energy, progress begins.

  2. Cut and release the cords and hooks. You can do this yourself or have this completed by a professional Reiki Master (I highly recommend having a reiki healing every 4-6 weeks for energy balance and alignment). If you decide to do this for yourself, visualise yourself being surrounded by white light and ask Archangel Michael to remove / sever any cords that are not serving your highest good. Ask that the cord be released with love and light. If you feel as though you have a hook, ask for assistance on removing the hook as these need to be removed gently. I also recommend calling in Archangel Raphael to heal the space where the hook sat once it is removed. Remember that cords and hooks can come back if you allow them. So, if you are caught up in a learning/transition cycle in your life, it’s important to keep the practice of checking in on your energy going.

  3. Stay away from any connection that feels that it is only based in fear. Spend time alone to recharge and put yourself first, always. Know that you feel the way you feel for a reason. Love and respect yourself enough to honor your feelings and what your body is trying to tell you.

  4. Take epsom salt baths and ground yourself regularly. For those of you who are familiar with St Germain's Violet Flame (which I teach to Reiki students), this is also something you can utilise to clear.

  5. Make time to connect with yourself and the divine. However this feels right for you. This can be done by simply taking a walk in nature, prayer or meditation. Often, when we are participating in one of these activities, clarity is found.

You will begin to notice a change and shift in yourself when action is taken towards removing fear based cords and hooks in your life. You will feel clearer and more empowered. This is something I have been wanting to write about for a little while now, as a Reiki Master and having had the opportunity to work on others, cord and hook removals are something I have seen to be life changing for others. I hope this information helps support you on your journey.

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