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Honour your inner voice on this Super Blood Moon Eclipse

The Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse on the 26th of May opens up 13 days of intense processing and releasing. As the first and only total "Lunar" eclipse of this year, the strength of this full moon is unparalleled compared to any other in 2021. Sagittarius reminds us to move in the direction of truth as this is the only way forward on our path towards our purpose. Because this year’s Gemini Season is turbocharged by two eclipses and a Mercury Retrograde, altered sight can lead to some pretty monumental changes. There are certain things you won’t be able to unsee; certain habits and health approaches you won’t be able to maintain.

Eclipses disrupt the programs we’ve been running to allow certain aspects of our lives to reboot and are a perfect time to bring our attention internally to the shifts we want to make within ourselves. Whether we can see it or not, this is a potent time to deal with emotional matters, shifting negative thoughts and beliefs. Put your energy and your effort where you want to see manifestation during this time as this is a powerful time of creation.

To maximise the energy of the Eclipse Season, speak less and hear more. This Moon tells us to pay attention, open your heart to listen. Creating regular times of stillness, quiet, meditation and contemplation are vital components of activating divine feminine energy. You have a wise inner voice that is connected to a source of guidance wholly invested in your highest good, and how you can contribute uniquely to the world. It is challenging to hear and feel your inner voice if you never create spaces of stillness, silence or reverence. To activate the sacred feminine path, you will need regular sanctuary, so that you can begin to open your awareness to the ways in which her Soul speaks to you. There is no right or wrong way to practice stillness and meditation. Connect with your breath and your heart, be with whatever thoughts and feelings arise. Regular practice is the key, such as a Full Moon Ritual; it is the process and regularity that creates the strengthening within you, over time. You will discover a deep inner well of abundant resources inside your stillness and make space for more of the real, current, updated, sparkly, fresh, new you to come through!

On this Lunar Eclipse, create stillness, drop into your heart and ask your Divine Feminine:

  • “What situations, operating procedures, thoughts, or beliefs are keeping me from living in greater alignment with my purpose?"

  • “How can I show up as more of the authentic ‘me’ across all of the different areas of my life?”

  • “What subjects or areas of interest am I no longer interested in exploring? How can I make space for a new level or area of learnings to be experienced next?”

Abundance of love and Lunar Blessings,



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