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Follow Your Bliss

The past year or so has been especially tough on a lot of us, and has highlighted how important it is to regularly check in on loved ones and ourselves. Self-care is normally the first thing that’s neglected when things get busy or stressful. We often prioritise our loved ones, business or our projects above our own needs, we need to remember to fill our own cup (i.e. bliss) so that we can keep giving to others.

That thing that you really want to do with your life- your bliss – is really no mystery. On the rocky road to self-actualisation, identifying your bliss is the easy part. You'll find your bliss right there in your heart, where it's been sitting, patiently waiting for you to acknowledge it. Give yourself the gift of acknowledging those things that light your soul.

I began this practice when I was 46 (after a life changing marriage separation), on a deep soul seeking journey of connecting with my authentic self. I tapped into my heart and uncovered all the little things that I loved; which made me smile; made my heart sing and filled me with joy. I still do this today, amending it weekly and monthly. Once journaled, I make a commitment to integrate them into my life as much as possible.

Your BLISS LIST will help awaken more love, passion, and pleasure in your life. It will be your framework for doing more of the little things that bring you joy and make your heart happy. Following your bliss is important because in doing so, you will find your fullest potential and serve the world, your community, your family, and your relationships in the most personally meaningful way possible for you.

Simply, creating a BLISS LIST involves writing down all of the small things you love, which make you happy, which bring you joy and which fill you up from within.

It can seem like a small and simple practice, but dont underestimate its power. It will help you to get to know yourself in a deeper way and create a much more fulfilling life. Once you know what these little practices, places, items, experiences, moments or people are, you can then choose to integrate these in a much bigger and regular way into your life. You can start to make your bliss a priority and you can design your whole life around what makes you feel good.


Prepare yourself by slowing down and connecting into your heart energy.

Reflect on your life, and the places, experiences, things, events, people, rituals, that make you the happiest. Think about the moments where your heart feels full and the practices that make you feel calm, grounded and whole. No one has to ever see this but you, and it doesn't matter if the things you write seem impractical or absurd. It doesn't have to be anything grandiose, epic, or life-shattering. Simply write down things that make you happy; stuff you want to do, the things that light you up and raises your vibes. What makes you feel alive and free, inspired, excited and aligned? What makes you smile? What makes you feel at peace? Where do you feel like your best?

Journal as much as you can in any format you like until you have filled at least one page and continue to add to this list as things come to mind. Dont dismiss anything, even if it is small. Once you have your list, commit to finding ways to integrate these small practices and moments of bliss into your life as much as possible.


What are my simple pleasures?

What gets me lost in the moment?

What aligns me with my best self?

What makes me feel beautiful?

Who are my favourite people?

What are my creative hobbies?

What makes me feel alive?

When am I the happiest?

Where are my favourite places to be?

What inspires me?

What grounds and calms me?

What makes me smile?

What nourishes my body?

What makes my heart feel full?

What are my favourite smells, tastes, textures and feelings?

Where do I experience beauty?


Journal all of the little little things that bring you joy, make your heart happy, fill you up and align you with your best self. Keep this list in your mind's eye. Keep it sacred. Sit with it for a while. Let it sink in.


You can't find the time to follow your Bliss until you start the process of disentangling your life from those activities that don't serve your heart's desire. Open the gateway of your mind to them. Let your actions from this point forward invite more of all of these things into your life. Make some room and list how you can integrate these small practices and moments of bliss into your life as much as possible.

In your quest to make space for bliss you will find yourself in situations where you have to decline invitations, say no, stand up for yourself, have difficult conversations, refuse, or go it alone. You will likely be wildly misunderstood. This can feel excruciating, especially to people pleasers. But all you have to feel and say is, this is important to me, it lights my soul, I am following my bliss.

There is no doubt that writing down my bliss list back in 2017 served to set my intention in my mind and from that moment forward I was on the path to following my Bliss. From then on when I was faced with decisions about how to spend my time, I recalled my Bliss list. My path became focused and clear to me. It allowed me to seize opportunities when they presented themselves. All those focusing decisions brought me, over time, to a much happier place.

The bliss list brought me to a career that I love, and that in turn allows me to write about and pursue a ton of my other Bliss List items. Identifying my bliss, and then making time for it is a constant challenge. It has given me a sense of peace, purpose, and fulfillment. It's been a lot of hard work and the process has upturned my life in many ways. There have been sacrifices made. But that struggle to honour and find my Bliss has made transformed me in so many ways.

Following your bliss is scary. Acknowledging what's in your heart requires vulnerability, honesty, and courage. I encourage you to step into your power and own your Bliss. The world needs you to give your unique gifts and talents time and attention. It is the calling of a lifetime, and one of the very first steps of manifesting your most meaningful life. Imagine what you might manifest over time, and how much personal satisfaction you will enjoy along the way.

Abundance of love and bliss,

Deanne x

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