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Everyone holds the key to their own healing and optimum wellbeing

Deanne is an intuitive and energetic therapist with a soul purpose to inspire and empower women.

She uses her expertise in Reiki, ThetaHealing and Crystal Healing to identify, release and reprogram negative beliefs and feelings or fears to heal the many layers of physical, emotional, mental, sexual and spiritual wellbeing.

Sharing many tears with her clients along their healing journey, Deanne loves seeing the transformation of women and helping them flourish and become empowered. She works predominantly with busy women and mothers who are struggling to find the time to fit self-love into their day to help them re-align, love and embrace themselves.

Deanne believes that everyone holds the key to their own healing and optimum wellbeing. She offers holistic energy healing in a sacred space where you will be nurtured, guided and supported on your path to self-love, transformation, healing and wellbeing. Her sessions also focus on helping you to identify and clear any energetic blocks or drains, so that you can fully own your personal power, open to true self-love and your full spiritual potential.

Through challenging times in her life, Deanne learned that her soul’s journey was about loving and honouring the self-first, listening to her inner guidance, living authentically and having boundaries.

She has recently completed her Reiki Level 4 Master Teacher course and is looking forward to teaching others Reiki to help spread the healing. She also records regular meditations for her website, does a lot of moon work and manifesting, and is currently in the process of creating online content such as chakra balancing and healing your body.

Located on Sydney's Northern Beaches, Deanne provides her services in-person and online.

Deanne has found her purpose in supporting women to empower and awaken into the unconditional love towards the self. She provides you with support, courage and acceptance of your own unique healing journey.

Membership of Professional Associations

Education and Training

Reiki Level 4 Master Teacher Practitioner ThetaHealing Advanced Practitioner

Holds a relevant Working with Children Check


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