Bring in Balance with today's New Super Moon

We women have navigated a particularly testing year together in 2020…but we have done so with such love, strength, empathy, kindness and resilience. If you thought 2020 so far was big, this is an even bigger energy change now, exactly what we all need.

I think many of us are feeling the desire for some fresh energy right now so I’m excited to share my love and knowledge with you about how I've used the magic of the moon to bring about beautiful abundance in my life. I've been studying and tracking the moon for years now and it has brought so much joy and abundance into my life. Being in flow with the different energies of the moon phases, as well as setting intentions at each New Moon has led to magic AND abundance is our birthright.

Harness the energy of today’s Super New Moon... the year’s only new moon in graceful, commitment-focused Libra, marking one of the most promising days for harmonising your relationships. Libra Season is for adding more joy, more beauty, more harmony and bliss back in to fill the spaces we’ve cleared away during our Virgo Season decluttering mission. Libra is all about balance, fairness, and justice. Libra energy also shines a spotlight on our relationships and reveals to us where things may be out of balance.

New Moons are always a time of new beginnings. When women make self-honouring choices, everything around them changes. Set intentions this New Moon to help you return to yourself and to realise a new way with a focus on giving back to yourself (when our cup is full, then we can pour into others).

I have shared some Libra New Moon Intention prompts below in the hope it will ignite you to get purposeful and honour your inner goddess by setting new moon intentions.