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Begin to Heal Wounded Feminine Energy

What do overwhelm, fatigue, people-pleasing, perfectionism, irritation, and the need for control all have in common?

They are all core indicators of wounded feminine energy. You are not alone. All of us are carrying some layer of wounded feminine energy.

Like scars, these feminine wounds collect over years of living and being in the body. They come through your relationship with your parents, your friends, your bosses, your lovers… they slowly shape how you move through the world. Soon they cut deep enough to manifest as toxic patterns that crop up in the most inconvenient times. For example, a woman who grew up feeling like she was never enough might wrestle with the wound of perfectionism - a woman who grew up with a single working mum, might become fiercely independent to the point of isolation - a woman who grew out of a toxic relationship may still feel the need to prove her worth through people-pleasing and over-giving. No matter how these wounds enter, they can only be healed through awareness. With this awareness, you can fully transmute your feminine wounds to reclaim your power and finally break the cycle.

Ready to begin the journey to healing your wounded feminine energy?


Is there an area of your life that you have been controlling, resisting, or trying to carry all on your own? If so, loosen your grip and ask for help. Ask a friend to bring you dinner. Bring another team member into your business. Ask your partner to hold you. Hire a coach to support you.

We are living in a time where we have lost touch with the art of receiving. We live in an era where women are supposed to be strong, independent, and self-sufficient – this is a beautiful thing! It shows that we are ascending into the age of the Divine Feminine. At the same time, it creates an unhealthy pressure for women to have it "all together". You are left feeling like you have to be Super a corporate job, climb the ladder, build a business on the side, work 40+ hours a week, have 2.5 kids, maintain your marriage, and work out 5x a week while still finding time to maintain your home? That is a lot for one woman to carry on her own. Do not be afraid to open up and receive support from others and from the universe.



Let go of the attachment to the story of how you think things should be. Often, we ask the universe for what we desire and then we delay/block it from coming in due to our attachments to how we think it should happen. The universe can provide infinite ways for our desires to manifest, we just must be willing to let go of the how and flow with the creative shifts.

The wounded “Super Woman” feminine is always in motion. She does not create space to breathe, play, dance, or be in her body. That is why she is still spinning around in circles, unaware of the patterns bubbling up beneath the surface. Be mindful to slow down if you want to begin the process of healing your feminine energy.


You can start with simple actions like breath work, journaling through your emotions, create space for rest, and drop into your body through gentle movement, tune into your heart space and listen. Your feminine energy (and your nervous system!) will thank you.

Next step to begin the journey to healing your wounded feminine energy...


One of the ways wounded feminine energy manifests is through seriousness or rigidity. Shake that off by playfully creating like a kid again. Release your inner child through finger painting, singing, kitchen dance parties, playing in nature, doodling, or popping on your favourite childhood movie, dancing, singing. Do whatever you need to get out of your head and into the present moment. The gift of the feminine is the gift of being able to laugh, play, and FEEL without hesitation. Often as we practice this, we can start to feel guilt rise in our chest. Stirring up thoughts like...

Is this productive?

Aren’t I too old for this?

Don’t I have more important things to do?

Let these thoughts pass and allow the energy to move through you. Repeat this affirmation over yourself as they arrive: My joy is productive, my rest is productive, and my play is productive. I am worthy of receiving happiness and healing.

At the end of the day, the journey to feminine healing is not a process or a formula, or a set of rules. It is an embodied experience that starts with being present. It does not happen in the mind, and it cannot be forced, your path to healing is unravelled through loving awareness.

Finally, to begin the journey to healing your wounded feminine energy...


We have been conditioned for far too long that our mind is the master and to suppress the wisdom of our inner voice. When we learn to feel first and then take action, the game changes. Thoughts like these should be honoured and not just tossed aside...

Have I been true to myself?

Is there something more I am here to do?

What is with all the signs, numbers and synchronicities?

As you begin to trust your intuition more, the natural healing process begins. You just have to be willing to listen to that first call. You know the one... the call from your heart asking you to follow.

Looking for more information or support on your path to feminine healing? I support women who are ready to transcend feminine wounds, own their power, and awaken their intuitive gifts in an embodied way.

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