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affirm self-love

No matter where you are on the journey of unconditional self-love, you always have the ability and choice to change. You are a radiant Divine Beauty. Learning to love yourself is one of the biggest challenges and the inner work is ongoing.

When aligned with unconditional self love you set goals and achieve them, you attract people into your life at the same high vibration. A huge and essential part of self-love is forgiveness and acceptance.

This inner work is empowering and awakens you to live as your best authentic self - love, wisdom, power and purpose.

Within this moment you can create anything, you have the power to change and make choices. Harness the power of positive thoughts to attract love, prosperity, great health and vitality and magic.

We can all heal from the past by making conscious choices to forgive, release and surrender and create new positive choices to live the life you really want.

The words we say create our reality. Words filter into our subconscious and form the basis of the stories we tell ourselves.

Affirmations are extremely powerful, and they were brought into the mainstream by Louise Hay with her amazing book, You Can Heal Your Life. Louise introduced me to affirmations years ago and I have integrated them into my personal and client’s healing journey’s for many years to create change.

They key to creating powerful affirmations is how you feel on the inside when you say them. Your affirmation should generate positive feelings. The Universe reflects our feelings back to us, you need to feel it in every cell of your being. How do you feel when you say your affirmations? Empowered, confident, elated, happy, strong, light, abundant, etc. The more you can feel the feeling or emotion of the affirmation in every cell of your being, the faster you will attract the intention.

You can use affirmations in every area of your life - health, abundance, love, success, creativity, forgiveness, confidence and of course, self-love.

I say my affirmations every morning and every night. You can say affirmations aloud and/or write them in your journal. Always set your affirmations in present tense: I am, I feel, I do, I love, I express... Here are my current affirmations (written on my bathroom mirror) you might like to use:

I am filled with love and compassion.

My heart is open to healthy, nurturing relationships.

I listen to my emotions.

I forgive and release the past.

I choose joy and happiness.

I love myself unconditionally.

I give and receive love easily and fully.

I am filled with peace.

I am healthy and well.

I am grateful for all the blessings in my life.

I feel and flow in my Divine Feminine Magic daily.

Where focus goes, energy flows. Imagine who you could become if you loved yourself wholly, deeply and unconditionally. Affirm your intentions daily and you will surely start to create them.



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