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express yourself on this gemini new moon

New Moon Ritual

Gemini is all about communication, so this new moon is all about getting clear with your communications with others. It calls on us to be honest, truthful and genuine with our communications.

Gemini, ruled by Mercury the Messenger, promotes conversation and brainstorming. It is time to capture our thoughts on paper, or in a song. I am also channelling my creative energy as I believe this is healing for myself and others. Also use this new moon to set intentions to bring more people into your life who can help inspire you and teach you the things you want to learn to grow to the next level and express yourself with love.

Celebrate the New Moon in Gemini on 23 May using my FREE New Moon Ritual to set your communication intentions.

To increase your communications skills, reflecting on these questions may help:

How well you're expressing yourself?

Are you getting your message across? If not, what are you guided to do about it?

Do you have a habit of talking over others?

Do you struggle listening to the other person?

Can you talk less and listen more?

Listen to your intuition. Live your life from your authentic self, inside and out.

Work out what you want … Give yourself permission to dream with this free guided process.

Women are magical and the moon is a reminder of that. Mystical Mother Moon travels through a cycle every month, as we do. The New Moon represents a powerful new beginnings energy in the cycle and amplifies your sacred feminine magic. Tap into the energy and use it to manifest to supercharge your desires.

This New Moon Ritual is a great way to practice mindfulness and regular self-care and love every New Moon, to connect and flow with your feminine energy and align with your intentions.

Use this New Moon Ritual each month to create your sacred space and set your new moon desires and intentions with a new moon meditation and worksheet.

Click the graphic to download your free New Moon Ritual.

Love and Abundance



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