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the healing path of your base chakra is trust

The human body has seven energy centres called Chakras. Your chakras are your core energy centres that control your emotions, vibration and your alignment with your desires. They can be the source of wounds and dysfunction in the body. Each of the main seven chakras is a point of highly concentrated energy, and that energy relates to a unique set of themes.

When the energy of a chakra is out of balance, it can affect one's physical, mental and emotional experiences associated with the corresponding theme of that chakra. Energetic wounds are simply chaotic fields in the subtle, or energetic, body and this is often where illness and dysfunction begin.

Chakra Balancing is a process of moving from the "shadow" frequency into the "gift" of that chakra. (The shadow state fuels illness, dysfunction, and dissatisfaction, while the gift frequency creates health and harmony.) Here I share wounds of the base chakra, as well as how to get from the base's shadow to its gift.

Themes of the base chakra are Trust, Stability, Survival, Abundance, Grounded, Safe, Belonging, Vitality, Tribe.

The shadow of the base chakra is repression.

This is the oldest wound there is. It usually forms at a very young age as we repress parts of ourselves to secure love and acceptance. In the early years of life, being loved and accepted by our primary caregivers is critical to survival because we do need them to care for us to keep us alive. So, when we feel as if that love is threatened, the primitive fight-or-flight response kicks in and we fear for our survival.

We quickly and instinctively learn to repress the parts of ourselves that we believe are unlovable, and we selectively express the characteristics and behaviours that our caregivers respond lovingly to.

These moments in early life when we feel unloved are often simple misunderstandings. But whether we are truly loved or not is irrelevant. What drives the wound of repression is the perception that expressing ourselves may result in rejection or abandonment and threaten our security. The ways we respond to this belief begin to shape our personalities and the rest of our lives.

Though this wound forms in the first seven years of life, it plants the seed for a lifetime of inauthentic and incomplete expression of oneself. As we mature, we know that human survival is not dependent on the love or acceptance of others, but on a cellular level, it feels that way, and we remain afraid to fully express ourselves. Until we become conscious of this wound, we cannot heal it.

The best way to tell whether you need base healing is to pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, actions and physical sensations within your body. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • You tend to obsess about money, e.g. you worry that you don’t have enough, you over-work to soothe your anxiety surrounding finances, you become triggered whenever someone in your family spends too much, you must be in absolute control of the money in your family, etc.

  • You have a general mistrust of others (trust issues)

  • You believe that the only person you can rely on is yourself, and you avoid asking favours from others

  • You’re a workaholic who tends to burn out easily

  • You have a dysfunctional relationship with your family

  • You feel like there’s “never enough” to go around and you need to fight for what you want

  • You’re terrified of a loss of control

  • You are hyper vigilant to any perceived signs of threat from others or your surroundings

  • You feel dizzy, anxious, spacey, and ungrounded for most of the day

  • You find it difficult and scary to be your authentic self around others

  • You feel disconnected from other people and nature

  • You binge-eat or stop eating completely when you get depressed or anxious

  • You have leg and feet problems, such as swelling, infection, cramps, poor circulation

  • You tend to gain weight around the bottom half of your body (e.g. love handles, thick thighs)

To heal the wound of repression, one must move from the state of fear to a state of trust. This is the healing path of the base chakra.

The gift of the base chakra is trust.

Healing the shadow of the base chakra is about cultivating a sense of safety in an unsafe world. We cannot fully express ourselves if we don't feel safe to do so—so learning to trust life is essential. One must trust that whatever happens is in service of their unique path, and even if it's the worst thing imaginable, it will still be fine. Trust is essential to creating a strong foundation in the base chakra and that gives us the stability to rise into the higher frequencies of the upper chakras.

The shift from fear to trust is not an easy path since it requires trusting that it is safe to be who you really are. It is safe to express all parts of oneself, even the ones that we believe to be unlovable. This is where true authenticity emerges, and we discover what we really want.

Three exercises to support healing from the shadow of the base chakra:

1. Develop awareness

The first step of healing the wound of repression is to become aware of it and/or identifying it. Notice where you hide parts of yourself. Do you show up differently with your friends or colleagues than you do with your family? How many of these signs can you identify with in the list above? Without changing anything, just become aware of what characteristics or behaviours you share with the different people in your life. What and where are you hiding?

2. Confront your fear

Identify something you want to do in your life that you haven't yet because you're afraid. Don't try to talk yourself out of the fear. Allow yourself to be afraid but challenge yourself to do that thing you want to do. Tell yourself that it will be confronting, and you will be safe and supported by the Universe.

3. Use your imagination

Close your eyes and imagine/affirm what your life would look like if love, acceptance, safety, and security were guaranteed. What would be different if you had no fear at all? What you envision in this exercise is exactly where healing your base chakra will take you.

Affirmations for the Base Chakra

I am guided to provide my clients with affirmations during an energy healing to shift energy/emotional blocks. Affirmations are powerful ways to reprogram your subconscious mind in order to hold new beliefs and begin manifesting a different reality. At first an affirmation might feel silly, but the more you repeat an affirmation to yourself, the more natural and truer it feels. That's when you know your subconscious has accepted it and your life will powerfully shift.

Below are affirmations to help heal your base chakra. Once you have identified your base chakra wound, and confronted your fear, as above use your imagination and guidance what healing your base chakra needs. You may receive messages for your own affirmations or feel free to use ones below.

As you write/journal/affirm, bring your awareness to your base chakra and visualise the colour RED as a glowing radiant light that fills your base chakra then expands throughout your entire body.

I AM Abundant in all areas of my life

I AM Grounded

I TRUST the flow of life and my path

I AM right where I need to be

I AM worthy of all things wonderful

I HAVE everything I need

I TRUST I AM divinely guided and protected always

I AM safe, supported, nurtured, empowered and loved in every situation.

When you have a clear, strong and harmonious base chakra, you will firstly feel grounded and calm. You will no longer have fears surrounded money or loss of control but will come to trust the divine intelligence of life. Not only will you trust yourself more, but you will also feel connected to others and nature more deeply. When your base chakra is healthy, you will find it simple to be your authentic self finding the inner peace that is always here in the present moment easier to connect to. You will give up the need to fight, protect and defend, and will instead come into alignment with ebb and flow of life.

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