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self-love this valentine’s day

As an energy healing intuitive, I've found that nothing can increase our inherent powers to manifest the lives we want like self-love. While everyone else is rattling on about romantic love in February, here are some ideas for how to focus on your relationship with yourself this month:

Take yourself out for a date

Being able to enjoy your own company is a great sign of self-love. If you're not used to going out on your own or feel intimidated by the idea, that's natural! The trick is to pick your favourite spots and activities. Go to your favourite restaurant with a great podcast or book and spend a few hours in excellent company lingering over a delicious meal. Head to your local bookstore to browse and then have a latte at the cafe. Is there a film you've been dying to see, but none of your friends are that excited about it? Take yourself, and splurge on that popcorn you probably shouldn't eat. Maybe there is an art or museum exhibition you would love to get lost in for a few hours at your own pace. Set out on a nature walk and cue up your favourite inspirational playlist as a companion. Having a date with yourself might be something you start looking forward to and schedule regularly.

Pamper yourself

Honour your inner romantic by doing something that's gratifying to the senses. February is the perfect time for a manicure or pedicure or a massage. You might do something to up your self-care game that you normally would not splurge on, like having a Reiki or energy healing. Do something special for yourself this month that feels a little indulgent.

Ask someone to write you a love letter

People closest to us can help us on our quest toward self-love by reminding us why we are wonderful. Pick a close friend or family member and agree to write a love letter to each other this month, describing specific character traits you love about each other with examples. You might find out something magical about yourself you weren't even aware of but that other people recognise and appreciate.

Accept some aspect of your life or self you've been rejecting

Is there something about yourself that isn't going to change that really bugs you? Maybe it's a physical or emotional limitation or the way a certain body part is shaped. Perhaps you are naturally boisterous and sometimes wonder if you are too much for people, or maybe you are introverted and sometimes question your need to retreat. It might be that you don't want to "own" some aspect of your life. Choose something that brings up negative feelings. Working on accepting that aspect of yourself or your experience by realising that it's part of what makes you the incredible person you are today.

Try a mirror-work exercise

The queen of self-love, the late author and publisher Louise Hay, believed strongly in mirror work. Try this self-help technique. The next time you are alone in the bathroom, look in the mirror and tell yourself out loud, "I love you." It might feel awkward the first time you do it, but with practice this is a powerful ritual which I do daily I have all my affirmations written on my bathroom mirror. Make eye contact with yourself and give yourself a mischievous wink or knowing smile! If you have body issues, you can look at your body in the mirror and tell it, "I love you."

With white light and love on Valentine's Day,


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