why and how you need to cleanse your aura

If you’re a believer in universal energy, an aura is the energy field that surrounds your body. It can attract and dispel energy and the clearer it is, the more attractive (in a good way) you are. Everyone knows they have a physical body, but most people don’t know we also have an energetic body surrounding our physical body. This is also referred to as the aura. You can recognise someone’s aura when they walk into the room. You will immediately feel if they are a cheerful person, bitter, or confident. This ‘read’ we get on someone comes from our auras interacting.

The energetic body is comprised of electromagnetic pulses created by emotions generated in our physical body; there are 72,000 nerves that bundle in seven places called chakras. Those bundles interact with our energetic body, relaying information about our stress and emotions we pick up from our environment.

If we are holding a lot of charges in our energetic body, we will feel physical stress in our body which is why